Campus Facilities

SZABIST Islamabad Campus believes in diversity and welcomes a diverse community of students through Pakistan. During your studies at SZABIST Islamabad, you will get the best available education from a very well educated faculty and you will have access to modern tools/equipment. SZABIST Islamabad has a modern library with a variety of books and students can access the library through on-line. Our playgrounds and professional development programs lead to making healthy and professional individuals and future leaders. SZABIST has been providing the best security to its students. You will get the most out of your life during your stay with us

Event and Traditions

Regular events are held at SZABIST Islamabad to support our traditions. We believe in diversity, zero-discrimination, a place free of harassment, and equal opportunities for all. Students who graduated from SZABIST have been successful in getting their dreams fulfilled and becoming good professionals for the betterment of the community. Please visit the following link in viewing details of the events at SZABIST Islamabad. View events.


Social Life

SZABIST Islamabad Campus has a diverse community representing all the five provinces and the majority of the religions in Pakistan. With all this representation, students are encouraged to share their knowledge and experiences and learn from each other’s exposure to life. Students are encouraged to participate in cross-culture programs and share their ideas in community improvement throughout the country.


Clean & Green Environment.

A clean and green environment with a hygienic atmosphere free of any pressure and undue fears are provided to the students. SZABIST Islamabad is well known for its cleanliness and its beautiful gardens. Student Counselor is all the time available to address grievances and to provide appropriate/timely resolutions to the issues. Students have access to their Program Managers and the Head of the Departments and at times, even to the Head of the Campus.

The Campus Experience

The Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology (SZABIST) is a fully Chartered Institute established through a Legislative Act of the Pakistan Assembly (Sindh Act No. XI of 1995) and is approved and recognized by the Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan, as a degree granting institution.


Media labs are equipped with the latest equipment. SZABIST Islamabad runs its own FM radio channel.


IT Labs

Our IT labs are equipped with modern machines and packages to facilitate the students to develop the latest know-how.


Our Café also serves food whenever there are functions, receptions and parties at the Campus. This includes HEC visits, students’ and Alumni functions, parties, etc. 



Sports are regularly held at the Campus to ensure the good health of the students. Inter Universities’ sports are also held.

Health & Wellness

Students’ health is one of our top priorities. Students also have access to Psychological counseling and can utilize such counseling without any expenses. 

Safety and Security

SZABIST Islamabad Campus ensures that our students and staff are safe from terrorist attacks and health issues.