Master Of Media Science

Master of Media Science

SZABIST offer Master of Media Science. Students enrolling in this program will be offered to select any one of the 4 area of specialization, including

(1) Media Informatics and Fashion Industries

(2) Digital Journalism and Global Communication

(3) Media Production and Design

(4)  Advertising Strategy & Design


The time limit to earn the degree is 1.5 to 4 years.

  • The candidates must possess 16 years of relevant education with 50% marks / 2.0 CGPA from a university recognized by HEC- Candidates with 16 years of non-relevant educational background ( including Communication Design, Applied Arts, Social Sciences, Marketing, and Performing Arts) shall have to do a zero-semester (remedial semester) comprising four courses which will be mentioned on the transcript as Non-Credit (NC) courses. - GAT (General)/HAT relevant or equivalent with 50% marks.