Media Labs

TV, Film and Theatre Studio

Production Lab is fully equipped with the latest digital video cameras for indoor and outdoor shooting, non-linear editing suits, audio recording suits and lights etc. In the presence of qualified and experienced instructors media sciences students learn camera use, shooting techniques. video editing, composition and animation. For outdoor shooting SZABIST frequently organizes study tours to various places.

Art Gallery

In the campus premises, an Art Room is exclusively allocated for the media sciences students wherein with the guidance of skilled art instructors they discover and expand their artistic abilities. Every student excels at the Art room because we provide an optimistic and fostering learning experience that encourages our students to use their imagination. Paint colors, painting easels, drawing boards and all other art facilities are available at one place.

SZABIST holds different Art, Painting, Photography and Posters exhibitions on monthly basis to build self confidence in the students, in addition well known artists from renowned art galleries of the twin cities often visit SZABIST to share their experiences with the students.

Non-Linear Editing Lab

Multimedia lab is fully equipped with large number of IMAC 21″ having 8 GB RAM and 500 GB HDD core i5 systems. The latest 2D and 3D softwares are also installed in the systems with internet availability to facilitate media sciences students and faculty. All workstations are connected with the servers and can bring all software tools available at SZABIST and around the world to each workstation user.