Master's in Human Resource Management

SZABIST has been offering MBA and MS programs for the last several years The MBA program covers almost every area of business organization with specialization in HR, Marketing, and Finance. MS program looks after the diverse research needs of these areas with a specific research viewpoint. There has always been a need to initiate a highly diversified and unique program to address a variety of HR issues concerning the field of HRM with a new angle from and scope. The Masters in HRM program encompasses almost all major areas of the HRM discipline having international dimensions while taking cognizance of the impulsive technological and competitive scenario in the wake of globalization.



Being first of its kind in the country, the MHRM is a 1-year degree program and is designed to provide a comprehensive curriculum in the field of HRM to cater to the requirements of the changing business and technology landscape. Every organization relies heavily on HR departments to coordinate and implement a wide array of employee programs and services. This program is for the current as well as the prospective HR professionals from the public, private, and development sectors. It is intended to meet the requirements of business organizations, with a holistic philosophy based on industry-led approach. Through this program, learners will learn the diverse skills needed to succeed in almost every sphere of the HR field. The program also addresses the emerging challenges in the highly volatile and competitive environment by employing the latest techniques to impart knowledge of the important developments taking place in domestic and global settings. This allows learners to maximize their learning in varied areas of strategic HRM and HRD, and succeed in their educational and career goals.

For admission in the MHRM program, the applicant must possess a minimum of sixteen years of education/4-year Bachelor/Masters degree from an HEC recognized educational institute with a minimum of 50% marks/2.0 CGPA.

An entrance test and group discussion/ interview will be given to all applicants at SZABIST. NTS score in lieu of the SZABIST entrance test is also acceptable.


Significance & Rationale

The Masters in HRM program is designed to provide an excellent opportunity to learners to prepare themselves for adapting to and application of the learning in the real world HR field. The program offers an opening to all those aspiring for a bright career in this field with a practical insight in almost every area of this rapidly emerging and changing field. This also provides learners with the requisite skills to be able to transfer the acquired knowledge not only in the academic fields but also to business houses, public sector organizations, and non-governmental organizations.

The students begin with the study of HRM with strategic and global perspectives, recruitment and selection, employee development, training needs assessment, and advanced learning and development. Specific courses focus on rewards management system, organizational behavior and managing with difficult employees. Another unique feature of the program is inclusion of symposia, seminars and workshops, where learners are required to focus more in just one area of HRM, and complete a comprehensive project dealing with a specialty area of their choice. This activity allows learners maximum opportunities to experience the real world of HRM.


The objective of this postgraduate degree program is to cover a wide range of career fields for a diverse audience, such as:

Human Resource Manager
Human Resource Trainer
Labor Relation Manager/Specialist
Human Resource Executive
Human Resource Coordinator
Employee Coach
Human Resource Consultant
Rewards professional


The normal duration of the MHRM program will be 12 months, spanning 02 semesters, a total of 33 credit hours.

Classes’ Schedule:

  • Friday (6:00pm – 9:00pm)

  • Saturday two classes (3:00pm – 9:00pm) and

  • Sunday two classes (10:00am – 1:00pm) and (2:00pm – 5:00pm).

  • Each semester will comprise l6-weeks and each class will be of three hour duration.

  • A 3-credit hour projects in the last semester .

Designated advisors will monitor and assist the students with their projects.

Department Info

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