MS Sociology


MS (Sociology)

SZABIST offers MS Degree in Sociology. MS can be completed during the evenings in 1.5 year after the four year Bachelor or a Master degree. A total of 30 credit hours must be completed.

  • The candidate must have completed 16 years of education in a related field with minimum 2nd Division/ marks or CGPA 2.00.
  • GAT General/ HAT relevant with min. 50% score is a mandatory requirement for all MS Programs.
  • The candidate with non relevant degree will require to complete selected deficiency courses as recommended by the Program Manager.

Course Curriculum

Students are required to complete 8 courses, and a thesis (6 credit hour) with a minimum of 30 credit hours. The break-up of 30 credit hours is as follows:

The Scheme of Study is as follows:

  • 5 Compulsory Courses*
  • 3 Electives
  • Thesis (6 Credit Hour)

First Year

Fall Semester


Sr. No Course Code Course Title Pre-Req
1 SS 5xxx Foundational Sociological Perspectives  
2 SS 5xxx Qualitative Research Methodology  
3 SS 5xxx Statistics for Social Scientists  

Spring Semester


Sr. No Course Code Course Title Pre-Req
1 SS 5xxx Contemporary sociological theories*  
2 SS 5xxx Quantitative Research Methodology**  
3 SS 5xxx Sub-discipline (Elective I)  
4 SS 5xxx Sub-discipline (Elective II)  


Second Year

Fall Semester


Sr. No Course Code Course Title Pre-Req
3 SS 5xxx Sub-discipline (Elective III)  
4 SS 5xxx MS Thesis (6 credits)***  


  • * Foundational Sociological Perspectives
  • ** Pre-req includes Qualitative Research Methodology and Statistics for Social Scientists
  • ***Pre-req includes Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methodology and Elective I&II


Sociology of Gender

SS 5xxx Gender issues in global scenario

SS 5xxx Sociology of gender issues

SS 5xxx Gender, Work, and the Economy

SS 5xxx Women studies

SS 5xxx Gender issues in rural development

SS 5xxx Sociology of sexuality

Sociology of Globalization

SS 5xxx Globalization: issues and debates

SS 5xxx Global governance

SS 5xxx Sociology of Science, Knowledge, and Technology

SS 5xxx Industrial sociology

SS 5xxx Immigration in Comparative Perspective

SS 5xxx Sociology of migration and urbanization

Sociology of Development

SS 5xxx Sustainable development

SS 5xxx Social change and development

SS 5xxx Rethinking Global Development: New Frameworks for Understanding Poverty, Inequality and Growth in 21 Century

SS 5xxx Community Organizing and Development

SS 5xxx Religion and Development

SS 5xxx Population and Development: current issues and future implications