MS (Computer Science)

MS (Computer Science)

SZABIST (Islamabad) university is one of the best IT University in Islamabad for its computer science programs. SZABIST Islamabad offers executive program in Islamabad is providing its students with the best possible combination of knowledge and experience. SZABIST Islamabad focuses on preparing its students with core computer concepts and provides the opportunity to choose the specific IT area.

SZABIST offers MS (Computer Science) degree in three tracks:

  • Core Computer Science

  • Specialization in Software Engineering

  • Specialization in Networks and Security

MS Program

The MS (Computer Science) Program is an evening program only.

  1. For students with a 4-year BS or MCS degree, the MS Program is a 2-years program. 9 MS courses and Thesis/Course work (33 credits) are needed to graduate.

  2. For students with a 4-year professional degree (BE, MSc, etc), the MS Program is a 2-year program. deficiency conversion courses (18 credit hours), 9 MS courses and Thesis/Course work are needed to graduate (Total Credit hours: 18+33).

  3. For students with a 3-year BCS degree, the MS Program is a 3-year program. One year of deficiency conversion courses (10 pre-requisite courses: 30 credit hours), 9 MS courses and Thesis/Course work are needed to graduate (Total Credit hours: 30+33).

Students must complete three courses for specialization in a particular field. Students have the option of doing bi-majors as well as open MS(CS). Six hours of Research is compulsory with the choice of Thesis/IS.

The maximum time limit to complete the MS degree is Four (4) years.

At the successful completion of the executive program requirements, students are awarded a degree (MS Computer Science). MS (Computer Sciences) is a successful program offered by SZABIST Islamabad as a best IT university in Islamabad and will continue to facilitate its students with the finest combination of teaching facility and learning environment.

  • 16 years of education in a related field with minimum 50%/ marks or CGPA 2.00.
  • GAT General/ HAT relevant with min. 50% score

Research: SZABIST strongly encourages the publication of research findings of Independent Studies, Thesis and Dissertation in research journals & conferences. SZABIST also publishes its own research journal, the Journal of Independent Studies & Research ( and holds two National Research Conferences a year.