External Relations & Financial Assistance


External Relations & Financial Assistance (ERFA) department offers various Need/Merit-based scholarships to the deserving students of SZABIST, Islamabad. Financial assistance to the students is a very important aspect of any educational institute that helps in the consolidation of a better class of students. It is not only a supportive gesture from SZABIST but a discrete channel of patronizing the best brains from around the country.



SZABIST Need-Based Scholarship Program

SZABIST Need-Based Scholarship provides ‘Financial Aid’ to needy yet meritorious students. This year the scholarship form and interviews will be conducted under NCOC guidelines. This is an annual scholarship covering two semesters tuition fee (partial or full).

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Annual family income should not be more than Rs: 1,200,000/-.
  • For Undergraduate and MBA programs.
  • Minimum SGPA ≥ 2.50 & CGPA ≥ 2.75 for continuing students


  • To download form of SZABIST Need-Based click on “Download Form
  • Students must fill out the form and attach all required documents listed in the form and email it to scholarship@szabist-isb.edu.pk before August 24 Please follow the convention for the subject of your e-mail STUDENT NAME & REG NO.XXXX.
  • Registration number is displayed on your admission form. Also, make sure to send only one file which contains the filled form and your documents.
  • All forms and documents will be verified by the External Relations & Financial Assistance (ERFA) department and responses will be sent to the students via email and SMS.
  • Shortlisted students will be notified regarding their schedule of interview through email and SMS
  • The final results of the applicants will be communicated via email and SMS before the fee deadline.

Termination of Scholarship:

The scholarship will be terminated under the following conditions;

  • If the student fails to maintain a minimum SGPA of 2.50 & CGPA of 2.75.
  • If the student fails to maintain minimum 80% attendance in class.
  • Only one SNBS to student is permissible i.e. students availing of any other Need-Based Scholarship, Merit Scholarship or Employee Concession will not be eligible for the award of a SNBS.
  • If the student is punished because of his / her involvement in violation of the institute’s rules, damage to institute’s property, misbehavior with staff or students, or any other disciplinary violation.
  • If student obtain F grade or withdraw any course.
SZABIST Merit-Based Scholarship Program
  • SZABIST Merit-Based Scholarship will be awarded from the Second semester onward and is renewable for each semester depending on the student’s performance.
  • The total amount of scholarship per program per class/section is equal to a 25% tuition fee for the next semester. For example, if a student is found eligible for the scholarship in the Fall Semester, he/she will be awarded a 25% fee waiver for the following Spring semester.
  • A student with the highest semester GPA is eligible for a 25% Merit-Based scholarship, in the subsequent semester provided the candidate has:
  • Obtained a minimum semester GPA of 3.70 for all programs.
  • Taken a full load of courses with assigned sections during regular semesters, i.e. Fall and Spring, both for calculation of Semester GPA and availing the scholarship.
  • Students with extra and repeat courses are not repeating courses are not eligible for the Scholarship.
  • Transfer/Open students are not eligible for the Scholarship.
    Executive, MS, and Ph.D. students cannot avail this scholarship.
  • If there is more than one student with the same GPA in a semester, then the scholarship amount will be awarded based on the percentage of marks.
  • This scholarship is managed by the Academics Department (ASO).


1. Pak-USAID Merit and Need-Based Scholarships Program

  • This is a fully-funded scholarship covering the full program’s tuition fee and stipend.
  • Eligibility criteria: Low Monthly income.
  • Timeline: Offered at the time of admissions.
  • Eligible Programs: BBA and MBA.

2. Sindh Educational Endowment Fund

  • This is an annual scholarship covering two semesters’ tuition fees and admission fees.
  • Eligibility Criteria: The applicant has Sindh Domicile, minimum SGPA of 2.5, and annual income should not exceed Rs. 1,500,000.
  • Timeline: Offered in December/January each year
  • Eligible Programs: BBA, BSAF, BSCS, MBA

3. Balochistan Education Endowment Fund

  • An amount of Rs. 50,000 is awarded to a student for two semesters.
  • Eligibility Criteria: Applicant has Balochistan Domicile and has low monthly income.
  • Timeline: Offered in February each year
  • Eligible Programs: Undergraduate Programs and MBA.

4. Punjab Educational Endowment Fund

  • An amount of Rs. 3,000 is awarded to a student on a monthly basis.
  • Eligibility Criteria: Applicant has Punjab Domicile and has low monthly income.
  • Timeline: Announces by Sponsoring body.
  • Eligible Programs: Undergraduate Programs

5. NTS Need-Based Scholarship Program

  • This is a fully-funded scholarship covering the full program’s tuition fee and stipend.
  • Eligibility Criteria: Full-time student, Qualifying score in GAT general / subject, CGPA above 2.5, Monthly income should not exceed Rs. 75,000.
  • Timeline: offered in the Fall semester each year.
  • Eligible Programs: MS and PhD

6. Ihsan Trust Qarz-e-Hasna Facility

  • Loan facility for a year
  • Eligibility Criteria: Same as that of the SZABIST Need-Based Scholarship.
  • Timeline: offered in the fall semester each year.
  • Eligible programs: All except PhD and Media Sciences

7. HEC-Indigenous PhD 5000 Fellowship Program

  • For MS/MPhil, the candidates must have a minimum of 16 years of education with no 3rd division or Grade D in degree/certificate in the entire academic career.
  • Candidates applying for direct PhD scholarships must have minimum CGPA 3.0(out of 4.0 in the semester system), CGPA 3.75 (out of 5) or first division (in the annual system) in MS/MPhil/Equivalent degree is required along with the condition mentioned above in clause (a).
  • Timeline: Announces by Sponsoring body.
  • How to apply:
    - Login/register to "eportal.hec.gov.pk" and prepare your profile by updating all relevant tabs.
    - On the left side of the screen, click on " Scholarships & Grants" and select "Indigenous Scholarship" and submit your application for Indigenous Scholarship in your respective category/discipline.

8. Various community-based scholarships

  • It includes different district-based scholarships and MPA’s Scholarship
  • Timeline: Announces by Sponsoring body.

9. Ministry of Harmony and Interfaith Minority Scholarships

  • Orphans, destitute, needy, handicapped, and poor minority students, having good educational record are eligible for scholarships.
  • Timeline: Announces by Sponsoring body.

External Relations:

List of MOUs
S. No Name of Organization
1 PMI Islamabad Chapter
2 Renewal of PMI Islamabad Chapter
3 Career Pakistan
4 Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI)
5 Human Resource Development Network (HRDN)
6 Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP)
7 Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI)
8 Epiphany
9 VIGO Business Consulting Pvt Ltd
10 Pakistan Sweet Homes AFP
11 Centre for Policy and Management Research (CPMR)
12 Higher Education Commission (HEC)
13 Mehergarh: A Center for Learning
14 Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy (PCP)
15 Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi (FJWU)
16 World Marketing Summit Pakistan
17 Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO)
18 National Testing Service (NTS)
19 AbbTakk
20 Maxfoster
21 Pakistan Agile Development Society (AgilePK)
22 Enablers.Org
23 Iqra University Islamabad Campus
24 Shifa Foundation
25 Subway Centaurus
26 PAF Hospital Islamabad
27 HADI Worldwide, Islamabad
28 P@SHA Islamabad
29 Nishan Rehab Pakistan
30 Islamic Relief Pakistan


Dr. Khansa Zaman

Manager ERFA

Email: dr.khansa@szabist-isb.edu.pk
Phone Number: Ext. 524

Mr. Mubashir Ali

Officer ERFA