BS (Software Engineering)

BS (Software Engineering)

The current century is all about software as it has become part of almost every aspect of our daily lives. Software engineering is the application of proven scientific and engineering principles to the construction and management of software systems that not only meet their intended requirements and are cost effective but also withstand lasting value.

Software engineering is a discipline within the ambit of Computer Science concerned with the processes, methodologies, tools and techniques of developing high quality software systems. The BS Software Engineering program aims to equip students with the pertinent skills that are widely applicable, highly in demand and amply rewarded. The BS Software Engineering program at SZABIST is a full-time four year degree program comprising eight semesters with minimum of 130 credit hours. The degree program is designed around a set of courses pertaining to the principles of software analysis, design, architecture, development, testing and maintenance techniques that are necessary to produce high quality software systems. Some additional courses from the disciplines of Computer Science, Mathematics, Management Science and Humanities are part of the degree program to develop a broader knowledge base of the students.

The core courses focus on the fundamentals of software engineering followed by a broader range of courses through which students can choose to specialize their learning. The BS Software Engineering curriculum covers all important facets of the discipline of software engineering including: project management, requirements analysis, software architecture, software development and quality assurance. Throughout the degree program, students are exposed to the theory, techniques, tools and practicalities of software engineering.

The BS Software Engineering program is offered through a trained foreign qualified faculty. It consists of 41 courses with a total of 130 credits hours. The maximum duration to complete the degree is Six years.

  • A-Level (minimum 3 passes)
  • Intermediate (minimum 50% marks) or equivalent qualification from any IBCC recognized institution
  • An entrance test and group discussion/interview, conducted at SZABIST.

*Candidates with Mathematics background will be given preference.