Executive MBA

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Executive MBA (EMBA) is a post-graduate degree program offered by SZABIST and designed for professionals with significant work experience.

The EMBA is a two years program with four semesters and 66 credit hours. 20 courses, 1 Business Project (3 credits), and 1 Research Project (3 credits) to graduate. The maximum time limit to complete the EMBA degree is four years.

If a candidate finishes the first year of study, he/she will be awarded a Professional MBA (PMBA) degree. After finishing two years of study (66 credits) including the business project, the student will be awarded HEC recognized EMBA degree. An academic year has two semesters (starting February & September).

In our Executive MBA program, will be part of a group of people who share a passion and curiosity for going deeper to evaluate issues and arrive at innovative solutions. We recognize in each student the inner spark; we then provide knowledge and reinforce character by bringing the students together with professors and peers who share our values so in the end, the graduates become the change agents that our businesses and community need. The practice-oriented approach in the SZABIST Executive MBA enables you to apply the gained knowledge and skills directly to solve real-time problems of your organization.



  • Benefit from the weekend structure of the program while allowing participants to hold their full-time job. Classes regularly held on Friday with lectured activity between 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm, Saturday from 2:00 pm to 9:00 pm and on Sunday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

  • Ideal location

  • Economical fee structure with quality education

  • Highly Qualified & Experienced Faculty having both academic & corporate experience to provide practical insights of organizations.

Designed for:

  • SZABIST offers a two years Executive MBA (EMBA) degree for the executives and the middle-level managers who strive for excellence and greater challenges in their professional life. The program is conveniently scheduled to accommodate the busy Executives, keeping in view their work-related deadlines and travel schedules.
  • Professionals responsible for functional areas such as Operations, Finance, IT, Marketing, Production, Human Resource, Law and Government Affairs.

  • Suitable for Board Members as well as Top Management including Managing Directors, Chief Financial Officers, Chief Executive Officers, Chief Operating Officers, Secretaries to the Boards of Directors, Legal Advisors, Company Secretaries and Corporate Governance Executives of listed companies who envision moving into a director’s role in future.

  • Professionals of Life Sciences, Food Sciences at Private and Government Institutions related to any field who desire to acquire cutting-edge business knowledge relevant to their field.


Eligibility criteria

  • Bachelor’s degree ( 16 years) with minimum 55% marks/CGPA 2.50 from a HEC recognized university in any field of study

  • Three years managerial level work experience

  • Two letters of recommendation are required

  • Required to pass the SZABIST entrance test and interview.



  • Give executives the knowledge and understanding of business trends and processes in the Pakistani business environment.

  • Build interaction among the executives through brainstorming sessions.

  • Develop critical & analytical thinking.

  • Learn the fundamentals of effective business communication in the current context.

  • Enhance your personal communication style that inspires others to action.

  • Effectively manage risk and develop more effective control mechanisms.

  • Enhance leadership skills and develop strategic insights.

  • Acquire management knowledge, tools, and techniques useful in making sound business decisions.

  • Develop entrepreneurial abilities essential for recognising and capitalising on value creation opportunities.

  • Examine and integrate workplace/life experiences with course and program concepts in order to generate appropriate business action plans.

  • Apply appropriate leadership behavior and skills for enhancing personal and organizational effectiveness.

  • Foster teamwork and leadership in the business environment.


Teaching Methodology

  • Case studies/Action-based learning
  • Lectures/

  • Individual & Group Assignments

  • Role-Playing, Simulations,

  • Problem-based learning

  • Learning with new Technologies. We offer electives of SAP i-e

    • SAP Financial Accounting Module

    • SAP Human Capital Module

    • SAP Sales & Distribution Module

    • SAP Procurement Module


Transfer to other campuses

The EMBA is also offered at Karachi and Dubai campuses. Transfer to EMBA Programs at other campuses is possible, subject to transfer rules. Academic calendar and fee may vary.

Course Curriculum

The EMBA is a 2-year program spread over four semesters and consists of 66 credit hours of teaching. Twenty courses (60 credit hours), one Business Project (3 credits) and one Research Project (3 credits) are needed to graduate. Maximum time limit to complete the EMBA degree is 4 years.



Sr. No Course Code Course Title Pre-Req
1 BE 5101 Accounting for Business
2 BE 5102 Business Management
3 BE 5103 Contemporary Marketing
4 BE 5104 Managerial Communication
5 BE 5105 Quantitative Analysis for Decision Making


Sr. No Course Code Course Title Pre-Req
1 BE 5201 Applied Research Methods BE 5105
2 BE 5202 Business Finance BE 5101
3 BE 5204 Managerial Economics
4 BE 5205 Marketing Management BE 5103
5 BE 5206 Organizational Behavior BE 5102



Sr. No Course Code Course Title Pre-Req
1 BE 5203 Managerial Accounting and Control BE 5101
2 BE 5301 Financial Management
3 BE 5302 Human Resource Management BA 5206
4 BE 5303 Operations and Supply Chain Management BE 5102
5 BE 5309 Business Project BE 5201
6 BE 5xxx Elective-I


Sr. No Course Code Course Title Pre-Req
1 BE 5401 Entrepreneurship and Family Businesses BE 5102
2 BE 5402 Ethics and Corporate Governance BE 5102
3 BE 5403 Strategic Management BE 5202, BE 5102,BE 5302
4 BE 5409 Research Project BE 5201
5 BE 5xxx Elective-II
6 BE 5xxx Elective-III



BE 5321 Services Marketing
BE 5322 Advertising
BE 5323 Brand Management
BE 5324 Consumer Behavior
BE 5325 Customer Relationship Management
BE 5326 Digital Marketing
BE 5327 Emerging Media
BE 5328 Experiential and Content Marketing
BE 5329 Export Marketing
BE 5331 Global Marketing
BE 5332 Integrated Marketing Communications
BE 5334 Retail Management
BE 5335 SAP Sales and Distribution Module
BE 5333 Media Planning and Management

BE 5421 Analysis of Financial Statements
BE 5422 Banking Operations
BE 5423 Corporate Finance
BE 5424 Financial Modeling
BE 5425 International Banking and Finance
BE 5426 Islamic Banking and Finance
BE 5427 Portfolio and Investment Management
BE 5428 Project Evaluation
BE 5429 Treasury and Funds Management
BE 5431 SAP Financial Accounting Module
BE 5432 SAP Management Accounting Module

Human Resource Management:
BE 5521 Compensation Management
BE 5522 Conflict Resolution
BE 5523 Crisis Management
BE 5524 HR Analytics
BE 5525 Leadership and Motivational Techniques
BE 5526 Performance Appraisal
BE 5527 Recruitment and Selection
BE 5528 Salary and Compensation
BE 5529 Talent Management and Succession Planning
BE 5531 Training and Development
BE 5532 SAP Human Capital Module

Supply Chain Management:
BE 5621 Advance Manufacturing and TPM in SCM
BE 5622 Detailed Scheduling and Planning in SCM
BE 5623 Dynamics of Logistics and Distribution
BE 5624 Execution and Control of Operations in SCM
BE 5625 Operational Planning in Supply Chain
BE 5627 Strategic Procurement in SCM
BE 5629 Supply Chain Finance
BE 5631 Supply Chain Management
BE 5632 SAP Procurement Module
BE 5633 SAP Production-Planning & Manufacturing Module

The University reserves the right to change its programs
and policies at any time without prior notification.

All courses may not be offered in every semester. Elective courses may vary from time to time. Alternative courses may be substituted as and when required

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