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Master of Business Administration

SZABIST (Islamabad) university is known as one of the top universities of Islamabad for its management programs. SZABIST is providing its students with the best possible combination of knowledge and experience.

MBA program has been designed to impart quality professional knowledge and understanding of modern management tools, leadership, entrepreneurial skills, and managerial and communication competencies. MBA Program has been accredited by National Business Education Accreditation Council (NBEAC) which is an independent professional council established by Higher Education Commission.

SZABIST offers both MBA Day and Evening programs with specialization in Marketing, Finance, Management, Human Resource Management and Supply Chain Management. The maximum duration to complete MBA degree program is four years.

MBA program is intended for students having a four-year bachelor degree (e.g. BS-CS, BE, BBA etc.) or 16 years of education in different disciplines. The duration to complete this program is two years with 72 credit hours. Twenty-two courses (66 credit hours) and 6 credit hours of Research Project OR Thesis spread over two semesters (03+03) are required to complete the program. Students with BBA or equivalent qualification are exempted 36 credit hours of course work and they are required to complete remaining 36 credit hours in 1.5 years. Students are also required to undertake a six week duration of internship during summer.

The Maximum Duration to complete this degree is Four Year

  • Have bachelor degree with minimum 55% marks / CGPA 2.50 from an HEC recognized university.
  • Attend an entrance test and group discussion / interview at SZABIST

Course Curriculum

(36 credit hours program for students with 4-year BBA degree)




Sr. No Course Code Course Title Pre-Req
1 BA 5203 Strategic Marketing
2 BA 5208 Strategic Finance
3 BA 5501 Applied Research Methods
4 BA 5601 Strategic HRM


Sr. No Course Code Course Title Pre-Req
1 BA 5104 Strategic Management
2 BA 5508 Research Project-I BA 5501
3 BA 5xxx Elective-I
4 BA 5xxx Elective-II





Sr. No Course Code Course Title Pre-Req
1 BA 5308 International Business
2 BA 5608 Research Project-II BA 5501
3 BA 5xxx Elective-III
4 BA 5xxx Elective-IV



(72 credit hours program for students with a 4-year non-BBA degree)





Sr. No Course Code Course Title Pre-Req
1 BA 5106 Marketing Management*
2 BA 5301  Financial Accounting*
3 BA 5302  Microeconomics*
4 BA 5418  Managerial Communication*
5 BA 5419  Business Management and Ethics*
6 BA 5502  Quantitative Tools for Managers


Sr. No Course Code Course Title Pre-Req
1 BA 5205  Human Resource Management* BA 5419
2 BA 5401  Introduction to Business Finance* BA 5301
3 BA 5402  Macroeconomics* BA 5302
4 BA 5405  Statistical Inference* BA 5502
5 BA 5411  Cost and Management Accounting* BA 5301
6 BA 5501  Applied Research Methods





Sr. No Course Code Course Title Pre-Req
1 BA 5105 Financial Management* BA 5401
2 BA 5203 Strategic Marketing BA 5106,BA 5205
3 BA 5308 International Business  
4 BA 5601 Strategic HRM BA 5205
5 BA 5508 Research Project-I (3 Credits) BA 5501
6 BA 5xxx Elective-I  



Sr. No Course Code Course Title Pre-Req
1 BA 5104 Strategic Management BA 5106, BA 5205
2 BA 5208 Strategic Finance BA 5105
3 BA 5608 Research Project-II (3 Credits)  
4 BA 5xxx Elective-II  
5 BA 5xxx Elective-III  
6 BA 5xxx Elective-IV  




BA 5131 Advance Financial Management

BA 5132 Analysis of Financial Statements

BA 5133 Corporate Finance

BA 5134 Derivatives

BA 5135 Financial Markets and Institutions

BA 5137 International Banking

BA 5138 Econometrics

BA 5139 Financial Risk Analysis

BA 5151 International Finance

BA 5155 Mergers and Acquisitions

BA 5175 Banking Operations

BA 5179 Commodity Pricing

BA 5184 Financial Product Regulations

BA 5187 Business Analysis and Forecasting

BA 5192 Financial Management Policy

BA 5229 Financial Modeling

BA 5231 Islamic Banking and Finance

BA 5232 Portfolio and Investment Management

BA 5235 Treasury and Funds Management

BA 5244 Investment Banking

BA 5254 Fundamentals of Financial Engineering

BA 5262 Behavioral Finance

BA 5273 Prudential Regulations

BA 5278 Banking Crises and Management

BA 5284 Theory and Practice of Lending

BA 5294 Venture Capital and Private Equity

BA 5298 Financial Reporting and Analysis

BA 5351 SAP Financial Accounting Module


Human Resource Management

BA 5114 Leadership and Motivation Techniques

BA 5117 Performance Appraisal

BA 5118 Compensation Management

BA 5159 Salary and Compensation

BA 5164 Human Resources Information Systems

BA 5165 Job Analysis and Design

BA 5167 Talent Management and Succession Planning

BA 5185 Leadership Development

BA 5193 HR Operations and Business Partnering

BA 5196 Conflict Resolution

BA 5215 Recruitment and Selection

BA 5216 Training and Development

BA 5239 HR Policy Development

BA 5251 Human Resource Development

BA 5285 Performance Management

BA 5292 HR Analytics

BA 5297 Human Capital Development and Analytics

BA 5332 Contemporary Issues in Human Resource Management

BA 5335 Human Resource Audit

BA 5435 Human Resource Management and Technology

BA 5352 SAP Human Capital Module

BA 5452 Psychological Contract in Organizations



BA 5111 Business Process Re-engineering

BA 5112 Change Management

BA 5113 Industrial Management and Labor Relations

BA 5116 Industrial Relations and Labor Laws

BA 5136 Business Strategy and Policy

BA 5152 Event Management

BA 5172 Entrepreneurial Business Strategy

BA 5213 Project Management

BA 5242 Lean Six Sigma Manufacturing

BA 5295 Crisis Management

BA 5333 Business Theory

BA 5334 Corporate Sustainability

BA 5433 Business Application

BA 5434 Hospitality and Tourism Management




BA 5121 Advertising

BA 5122 Brand Management

BA 5123 Consumer Behavior

BA 5124 Customer Relationship Management

BA 5126 Export Marketing

BA 5127 Global Marketing

BA 5129 Services Marketing

BA 5171 Strategic Advertising

BA 5182 Trade Marketing

BA 5186 Social Marketing

BA 5199 Integrated Brand Communication

BA 5217 Industrial Marketing

BA 5224 Media Planning and Management

BA 5225 Personal Selling

BA 5226 Pharmaceutical Marketing

BA 5227 Sales Management

BA 5228 Retail Management

BA 5246 Public Relations

BA 5256 Integrated Marketing Communications

BA 5259 Emerging Media

BA 5451 Strategic Entrepreneurship

BA 5264 Interactive Global and Regional Marketing

BA 5269 Marketing Intelligence

BA 5141 Public Relations Management

BA 5198 Experiential and Content Marketing

BA 5281 Digital Marketing

BA 5286 Media Marketing

BA 5293 New Product Development Process and Innovation

BA 5296 Rural Marketing

BA 5299 Media Management

BA 5331 Marketing Analytics

BA 5336 Retail Buying and Merchandising

BA 5337 Retail Strategy and Structure

BA 5339 Packaging for Brands

BA 5354 SAP Sales and Distribution Module

BA 5436 Retail Operation

BA 5437 Retail Supply Chain Management

BA 5438 Marketing Practices in Pakistan


Supply Chain Management (SCM) 

BA 5142 Materials Management

BA 5191 Advance Manufacturing and TPM in SCM

BA 5194 Supply Chain Finance

BA 5214 Supply Chain Management

BA 5263 Dynamics of Logistics and Distribution

BA 5265 Operational Planning in Supply Chain

BA 5266 Strategic Procurement in SCM

BA 5287 Execution and Control of Operations in SCM

BA 5291 Detailed Scheduling and Planning in SCM

BA 5338 Shipping in SCM

BA 5353 SAP Procurement Module

BA 5431 Supply Chain Operations

BA 5432 Green Supply Chain Management

BA 5452 Green Logistics and Strategic Ware-housing Management

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