SZABIST Business School

Faculty Profile

Dr. Muhammad Asif Khan
Head of Department (Management Sciences)
Program Manager MS (MS)

PhD HRM (National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad)
Dr. Mehboob Ahmad
Program Manager PhD (MS)

PhD-Economics (Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan)
Dr. Fuwad Bashir Awan
Program Manager BBA (4th Year) / MBA-Day (36CH)
PhD Management Sciences (Capital University of Science & Technology)
Mr. Amer Riaz Qureshi
Program Manager MSPM

MS - Industrial Engineering (University of Southern California, USA)
Mr. Atif Bilal
Program Manager BBS, PMBA, EMBA, MHRM

MS HRM (Superior University Lahore)
Dr. Shahid Bashir
Program Manager MBA-Evening(36, 72 & 90)

PhD (Marketing) Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Mr. Zeeshan Hamid
Program Manager BSAF

MS-Finance (Air University, Islamabad)
Ms. Shumaila Zeb
Program Manager BBA (1st, 2nd & 3rd Year)

MPhil-Finance (NUST, Islamabad)

MS (Management Sciences)

The students are required to complete 6 courses, 2 Independent Studies (IS), and a thesis, with a total of 30 credit hours. The breakup of 30 credit hours is as follows:
  • Three compulsory courses (9 credit hours)
  • Two Independent Studies (6 credit hours)
  • Three elective courses (9 credit hours)
  • Thesis OR two elective courses (6 credit hours)


MS 5239 Advanced Eesearch Methods and Techniques
MS 5204 Quantitative Tools for Research
MS 5416 Research Philosophy
MS 5xxx Elective-I

MS 5xxx Elective-II
MS 5xxx Elective-Ill
MS 5108 Independent Study-I
MS 5208 Independent Study-II


MS 5xxx Elective-IV/Thesis
MS 5xxx Elective-V/Thesis


MS 5204 Quantitative Tools for Research
MS 5239 Advanced Research Methods and Techniques
MS 5416 Research Philosophy


MS 5101 Change Management
MS 5102 Organizational Development
MS 5103 Managerial Economics
MS 5104 Strategic Marketing Decisions
MS 5105 Econometrics
MS 5112 Strategic Management
MS 5117 Qualitative Tools and Analysis
MS 5203 Global Corporate Strategy
MS 5205 International Business Management
MS 5215 Corporate Finance
MS 5216 Corporate Governance
MS 5225 Leadership and Motivation Techniques
MS 5237 Business Finance and Decision Making
MS 5238 Strategic Human Resource Development
MS 5241 Public Administration and Governance
MS 5301 Seminars in Marketing
MS 5315 Research Writing

Elective courses may vary from time to time. All courses may not necessarily be offered every year. Alternate courses may be substituted as and when required.

Advanced Research Methods & Techniques (ARMT), Quantitative Tools for Research (QTR), and Research Philosophy are compulsory courses for MS program. Students cannot register in Inde-pendent Study (IS) without completion of these 03 compulsory courses. In addition passing compre¬hensive exam would also be required for taking thesis.

Maximum course load for a semester is 4 courses (12 credit hours). Summer is not a regular semester, therefore, courses are not offered on a regular basis in summer. However, students can register in one IS or thesis (3 credits only). Inde-pendent Studies taken in summer will be present¬ed along with Fall semester in a conference. A student can take maximum two interdisciplinary elective courses in SS/CS/IT/Media/MBA program with the prior approval of their respective program managers.