Power Talk at SZABIST Islamabad

December 15, 2021
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On 15TH December 2021, the MBA fest was precluded by the first event called: Power Talk. Power Talk was based on the format of Ted Talk. Under the presence of Program Manager Prof. Dr. Shazia Akhtar, faculty members, and guest speaker Dr. LAKS- three students from the MBA department delivered sterling talks.

Followed by the exulting talks of our three wonderful speakers, Szabist Islamabad was graced by the presence of a guest motivational speaker who injected every member of the audience with bolting confidence and esteem. Dr. LAKS effortlessly snapped us out of our auto-pilot thought pattern. In a matter of mere 45 minutes he sparked the fire of ambition and self-worth in the audience. Hence, as a result of the Power Talk- the audience was left with feelings of exhilaration and excitement. The first event of the MBA fest was an interactive experience where the students were given a rare platform to share their view on life, existence, education.


December 15, 2021
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