SZABIST Islamabad Faculty features at Harvard University

Known for their academic and research excellence, SZABIST faculty members are regularly featured on global platforms. Mr. Sana Ullah Ansari, Assistant Professor, Department of Management Sciences recently presented his research paper in an International Conference hosted and organized by Harvard University. Academic professionals from different countries around the world participated in the conference including Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Jordan, UK, Japan, Russia, USA, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Ghana and China. Mr. Sana Ullah after productive meetings with the management of “Islamic Legal Studies Program” and “Islamic Finance Project” at Harvard got selected as Reviewer for all relevant articles submitted to Harvard University from around the world for inclusion in Harvard University’s Data Bank.

He also had the privilege to deliver a Lecture on Islamic Finance at the renowned Islamic Centre New York. This extraordinary achievement deserves laudation because this Islamic Centre is the oldest in USA, established in 1975 and is considered to be the largest Islamic Centre in USA. Most prominent religious scholars for the likes of late Dr. Israr Ahmad, Mufti TaqI Usmani and Maulana Ihtisham ul Haq Thanvi graced the similar forum. SZABIST Islamabad takes pride in the breadth of knowledge its faculty members possess while continuously making their mark on global scale.

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