Financial Digital Reforms and Quality of Financial Reporting

Looking into vibrant digital transformation leading to the new age of finance, SZABIST organized "Thought Leaders Forum on Financial Digital Reforms and Quality of Financial Reporting" in collaboration with Securities Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) with a loud impact. The forum results in meaningful learning outcome and important take away for adaptations. The digital democracy has changed the economic, social and financial landscape of the World. In line with the significance of this changing landscape, the mandate of CFOs, Auditors, Regulatory Bodies and Economic Users have been changed and warrants the need to capture new age of financial reporting to optimize the quality of decisions making. The Thought Leaders Forums invited practical insights from policymakers and financial experts on Financial Reporting and Corporate Governance on following seminal strands;

  • New Age of Financial Reporting
  • Corporate Governance & Quality of Financial Reporting
  • Corporate Wrongs in Pakistan