MBA Fest 2.0: A Festival of Learning and Leisure

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The MBA department of Szabist University recently held a historic two-day festival, MBA Fest 2.0, under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Shazia Akhtar. On December 30th, 2022, the event was officially inaugurated by the distinguished Chief Guest, Ms. Saima Ajram, a senior consultant advisor to the Government of KP and award-winning broadcaster and BBC journalist.

Ms. Ajram shared her inspiring and motivational views with the audience, kicking off the festival on a high note. MBA Fest 2.0 was a series of events that involved all departments of the university, from janitorial staff and administration to students and faculty. The entire institute came together to celebrate both leisure and learning, making the festival a truly inclusive and diverse event.

The festival was supervised by Ms. Uzma Shehryar, who oversaw the performance of a cultural dance by Szabist students. As a token of gratitude, the Chief Guest was presented with a Sindhi Ajrak. The event was officially inaugurated by releasing balloons with the words “MBA Fest 2.0” into the air.

Special thanks go out to Dr. Taraq Waheed, Dr. Huma Haque, Ms. Ahmareen, and Dr. Muhammad Zeb Khan for adding to the occasion with their presence and support. Their contributions were greatly appreciated by the MBA department and students of Szabist University.

MBA Fest 2.0 was a truly memorable and impactful event, showcasing the talents and skills of the students, staff, and faculty of Szabist University. The festival brought everyone together to celebrate learning, culture, and diversity, setting the tone for future events of this nature. The MBA department is already looking forward to the next edition of MBA Fest, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for this exciting and innovative event.

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