Bridging the Gap: A Transformative Seminar in HRM, Pakistan Studies and Sociology

November 4, 2023
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Students from diverse academic backgrounds gathered at the prestigious Grandview Auditorium to attend a groundbreaking seminar that promised to bridge the realms of Human Resource Management (HRM) Sociology and Pakistan studies. Organized by Ma’am Uzma Shahryar of the Management Science Department, the event aimed to provide a unique intersection of these disciplines, offering students a holistic understanding of the complex dynamics that shape modern workplaces.
The seminar commenced with an engaging keynote address by Mr. Muhammad Nadeem, the director General of the Establishment Division in the Government of Pakistan with over twenty-six years of civil service experience, he holds a master’s degree in Public Management from Harvard University and the National University of Singapore.
At the time of conclusion, the air buzzed with positive energy. Students eagerly shared their reflections on the seminar’s unique approach, expressing gratitude for the opportunity to explore the interdisciplinary nature of HRM, sociology, and Pakistan Studies the seminar proved to be a resounding success, leaving a lasting impact on the students of BBA and MBA’s who attended.


November 4, 2023
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