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BS (Social Sciences)


BS (Social Sciences)

SZABIST offers a four year (eight semesters) Bachelor of Social Sciences degree with majors in Psychology, Political Science, Sociology, and Economics. BS Program is a day program and consists of 46 courses and a Research Project with a total of 144 credit hours.

The maximum time limit to complete the BS degree is Six years.

  • Intermediate (50% marks)


  • Equivalency from IBCC (In case of foreign boards).
  • An entrance test, and group discussion / interview at SZABIST.

Course Curriculum

To obtain a BS degree in Social Sciences, the students are required to complete a total of 144 credit hours within 7 years. The degree consists of a total of 46 courses and a Research Project.


SS 1117 Computer and Web Skills
SS 1118 English for Academic Purposes and Presentation Skills
SS 1109 Islamiat/Ethics and Pakistan Studies
SS 1105 Microeconomics
SS 1115 Community Services
SS 1201 Introduction to Social Sciences

SS 2306 Psychology
SS 1205 Macroeconomics
SS 2307 Sociology
SS 1155 Introduction to Political Science
SS 2412 International Relations
SS 1209 Social Policy


SS 2314 Study of Anthropology
SS 2313 Introduction to Social Psychology
SS 4705 Sindh Studies
SS 2318 Mathematics and Statistics
SS 2413 Philosophy
SS Ixxx Elective-I

SS 2406 Gender Studies
SS 2418 Statistical Inferences
SS 2414 Introduction to Organizational Psychology
SS 2411 Environmental Studies
SS 1255 Linguistics
SS Ixxx Elective-II


SS 2312 Culture, Art and Society
SS 3509 Language-I
SS 3606 Political Economy
SS 4xxx Major-I
SS 4xxx Major-II
SS 4xxx Major-Ill

SS 3504 Research Methods
SS 3605 International Law and Human Rights
SS 3609 Language-II
SS 4xxx Major-IV
SS 4xxx Major-V
SS 4xxx Major-VI


SS 3503 Development Studies
SS 4707 Introduction to Health Psychology
SS 4709 Research Project-I
SS 4xxx Major-VII
SS 4xxx Major-VIII
SS 4xxx Major-IX

SS 4804 Public Policy
SS 4809 Research Project-II
SS 2405 Enlightenment
SS 4xxx Major-X
SS 4xxx Major-XI
SS 4xxx Major-XII


SS 1154 Literature
SS 2305 Human Geography
SS 1157 Comparative Religion
SS 1254 World History
SS 1262 Mass Media
SS 1163 Development and Politics

SS 4111 Abnormal Psychology
SS 4112 Developmental Psychology
SS 4134 Cognitive Psychology
SS 4135 Educational Psychology
SS 4234 Psychodynamics
SS 4268 History of Psychology
SS 4167 Child Psychology
SS 4156 Clinical Psychology
SS 4114 Personality Theories
SS 4255 Counseling and Psychotherapy
SS 4211 Psychological Testing
SS 4236 Positive Psychology
SS 4168 Experimental Psychology
SS 4267 Forensic Psychology
SS 4262 Physiological Psychology

SS 4269 Civil Society
SS 4271 Peace Movements
SS 4138 Corporate Social Responsibility
SS 4141 Mass Media and Society
SS 4237 Post-Colonial State and Social Development
SS 4238 Social Entrepreneurship
SS 4239 Social Justice
SS 4241 Sociology of Education
SS 4242 The Sociology of Poverty
SS 4196 Social Theories-I
SS 4296 Social Theories-II
SS 4171 Class, Caste, and Ethnicity in South Asia
SS 4172 Political Sociology
SS 4272 Social Change in Pakistan
SS 4169 Citizenship
SS 4273 Urbanization

SS 4275 Foreign Policy and International Politics
SS 4274 Diplomacy, Conflict Resolution and Confidence Building Measures
SS 4219 Peace Research
SS 4222 Strategic Studies
SS 4176 Globalization and Global Governance
SS 4277 Modern Ideologies
SS 4174 Central and West Asian Studies
SS 4175 European Studies
SS 4177 Middle Eastern Studies
SS 4179 Politics of Terrorism
SS 4178 Muslim World
SS 4276 International Institutions
SS 4278 Political Geography
SS 4119 Arms Control and Disarmament
SS 4279 US and International Politics

SS 4139 Gender and Development
SS 4147 Development and Planning
SS 4181 Capabilities and Human Development
SS 4281 Fiscal and Monetary Economics
SS 4261 Mathematical Economics
SS 4183 Industrial Economics
SS 4284 Trade Economics
SS 4128 Agriculture Economics
SS 4182 Game Theory
SS 4283 Labour Economics
SS 4282 Growth
SS 4184 Poverty and Inequality
SS 4228 History of Economic Thought
SS 4249 Pakistan Economy
SS 4251 Sustainable Development

Full time academic load is six courses. All students are required to register for full load in the first semester.

The internship is scheduled for summer at the end of the third year. After the completion of the 6-week internship, all students are required to submit a comprehensive report, giving details of their experience and learning.

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