Best University in Islamabad

Best University in Islamabad

SZABIST is the best university in Islamabad. Here, at SZABIST, the faculty and students seek answers to complex questions and discover new knowledge. In the process, they lead innovation and transform the future. Also, SZABIST Islamabad is one of the best universities in Islamabad because it is centrally located in Islamabad. This makes it easily accessible from everywhere.

HEC Recognized University 

As you know, HEC has recognized SZABIST Islamabad as the best university in Islamabad, with a strong emphasis on teaching and research. Furthermore, the university has a merit-based admissions process, which ensures quality & better results.

On-Campus Facilities

For past many years, SZABIST Islamabad has many high-quality facilities for both students and faculty. These include fully equipped labs, library, digitally equipped campus & world class faculty members. Therefore, all these features make SZABIST the leading university in Islamabad.

Graduation Ceremony


Top 05 reasons to get admission in SZABIST Islamabad


SZABIST Islamabad is where thinking is nurtured 

SZABIST Islamabad is the best university in Islamabad. Firstly, it is a diverse community with the freedom to challenge and question. Moreover, SZABISTIANs pursue academic excellence and make a positive impact on real world problems.


SZABIST Islamabad is an Academic Powerhouse

Secondly, SZABIST Islamabad produces highly qualified professionals to meet contemporary national and global needs. This is the reason that SZABIST Islamabad is a top ranked university in Islamabad.


Global Recognition

Thirdly, SZABIST Islamabad is the best university in Islamabad, because it combines academic excellence with a progressive spirit. Furthermore, with its campuses located in Pakistan & Dubai, a degree from SZABIST gives global recognition. Hence, a degree from SZABIST will earn you respect, and create unique career opportunities.


Highly Placed Alumni Network

SZABIST is nurturing the intellect of more than 12,500 enrolled students through its five campuses. These campuses are located in Karachi, Hyderabad, Larkana, Islamabad and Dubai. With over 16,500 graduates, its alumni are very well placed in the industry, where they hold key positions in top companies. It is possible only after having graduated from the best university in Islamabad.


Academic Excellence

SZABIST Islamabad offers undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate degrees in five diversified disciplines. These disciplines include Management Sciences, Computer Sciences, Media Sciences, Social Sciences & executive programs. SZABIST Islamabad has an outstanding reputation for being a world-class teaching and research institution. Moreover, it is known for its modern and advanced curriculum, thereby, making it the best university in Islamabad.

Student Life

Join SZABIST – The best university in Islamabad

SZABIST Islamabad attracts the best students from all over the country. In order to facilitate its students, SZABIST Islamabad offers a number of ways to study. For instance, from on-campus taught programs to online study programs with rich learning experience. SZABIST Islamabad, pioneering the digital transformation, opens its online admissions. In conclusion, the last date to apply is Wednesday, December 27, 2023.