Research Projects

  1. • Development of Job Description Manual and Competitive Compensation system for a Commercial Bank.

  2. • Meat Market in Pakistan: Study of consumers, retailers and commercial users

  3. • Market Research Report on Dried Apricot and Apricot Kernel Oil and Development of Marketing Mix in Pakistan.

  4. • Research project for the World Bank on the grievance handling process for flood effected.

  5. • Devised an OD diagnosis framework and then conducted an organization wide diagnosis for manufacturing concerns (Recently at Kay & Emms Textile Pvt. Ltd.) and based upon the analysis devised a framework for organizational interventions and provided consultancy to enable the organization on such initiatives.

  6. • The post 18th Amendment political economy of TVET sector in Pakistan.

  7. • The analysis and development of ERP system of PPHI based upon proposed OD framework.