Amna Zulqarnain


Media Science

By profession I am Fine artist and graphic artist. I joined the faculty of Media Sciences in 2016. In my role as lecturer I teach number of art and design courses to Media students including drawing and perspective, design and advertising courses. My research interests include art, design, media, and interactive design, digital tools for designing and communication design.I have 8 years of experience working as a graphic and web designer in market. Having expertise in sketching, drawing and illustration help students not only in their art projects but also in their future career. My emphasis has always been to bring new ideas for society either in my own work or in the work of my students.

Before coming to the SZABIST Media Sciences, I served as senior graphic and web designer at COMSATS headquarters; there I also conducted number of workshops on digital communications and graphic design to professionals. Prior to SZABIST, I also worked in several design studios and founded my own studio, Juxtavision, which provided art direction and design services for local creative businesses and professionals. I have extensive experience in displaying exhibitions, research projects, and conferences, edited and authored many publications.