About Library

SZABIST Islamabad Library has a rich collection of books on Information Technology and Business topics. The Library is also subscribed to a number of Magazines and Journals to update students' knowledge on the current developments taking place nationally and internationally. The Library is also linked to 5880 full text online academic journals through the HEC digital library access. The number of Books, Magazines/Journals, Audio/Visual CD's, Newspapers, Annual Reports, Thesis, IS, Software Project Reports and Electronic Books are as under:

Items Quantity
Books 15,197
Research Reports CD's 3364
Magazine/Journals 25
Newspapers (daily) 12
Online Magazines/Journals 5880
Video Lectures/Documentaries More than 200
LCD for Video Lectures etc 01
Company/ Corporations' Annual Reports 70
IS Reports 3431
Thesis/Project Reports 1519
E-Books 28,000
CD's (Books) 852
Complimentary Magazines/Journals 20

List of Subscribed Magazines

  • Asian Journal of Management Cases
  • Harvard Business Review
  • Human Resource Development Review
  • Journal of Entrepreneurship
  • Journal of Finance
  • Journal of Marketing
  • MIT Sloan Management Review
  • Pakistan Journal of Statistics
  • South Asian Economic Journal
  • South Asian Journal of Management
  • The Economist
  • Time International
  • Readers Digest
  • Risk Management
  • Security Management
  • Newsweek
  • Pakistan & Gulf Economist
  • Marketing News
  • Herald Magazine
  • HR Magazine
  • Fortune
  • Aurora
  • Bloomberg Business week
  • Blue chip Magazine
  • Islamic Finance Review