Research Projects

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  2. Khwaja, M. G., & Mahmood, S., & Jusoh, A., (2019). The Impacts of Quality Management on Customer Focus by mediating the role of Organizational Support. International Journal of Quality Research. (Submitted manuscript - Status: under-review)

  3. Mahmood, S., Khwaja, M. G., & Jusoh, A., (2019). Investigating patients experiential value to build patients loyalty: A survey on indoor and outdoor patients of public and private sectors hospitals in Pakistan. International Journal of Health Care Quality Assurance. (Submitted manuscript)

  4. Bashir, S., and Khwaja M.G., (2019). Green Hotel’s Visitors’ Decision-Making Process: a Fresh Insight into Existing Knowledge of Green Marketers. Journal of Hospitality Marketing & Management. (working paper)

  5. Bashir, S., and Khwaja M.G., (2019), A test model development to investigate the relationships among consumer’s belief towards green practices, attitude toward green behaviors, overall image, and behavioral intention. Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management (working paper)