Dr. Amir Zaib Abbasi

Assistant Professor of Marketing

Cluster Head
Management Science
Email: aamir.zaib.abbasi@gmail.com/dr.amir@szabist-isb.edu.pk

Amir Zaib Abbasi did his PhD in Management with an interest in Consumer Behavior from Department of Management and Humanities, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS. In his PhD work, he has investigated the personality features of videogame consumers and has developed a model predicting videogame consumers‘ personality using the Stimulus-Organism-Response theory. He holds the interest to research on the following topics such as playful-consumption experience, observational learning, consumer videogame engagement, personality traits, videogame addiction, consumption behaviors, advertisement and many more. Previously, he did MBA 1.5 years in Marketing with research thesis and BBA-IT honors from University of Peshawar.

Having just recently completed my PhD defense in late 2017, I am currently working as an Assistant Professor of Marketing at Szabist Islamabad Campus. I aim to contribute to the field of research in the domain of Human-Computer Interaction, Marketing, and Consumer Behavior with the broader scope to investigate the benefits to society and provide practical industry guidance. I wish to contribute scholarly teaching in Marketing related subjects and Human-Computer Interaction, especially the interaction science that involves to understand the cognitive and behavior of system users and the organizational and social impacts of that consumption.