Zain Ali Bukhari, [BSAF]
Senior Associate
S&P Global Inc.

"Education has always been of paramount importance to me and is the only wealth that I possess. It is my firm belief that an institute is not responsible for the success or failure of its students, however it does provide the necessary tools with which one can shape oneís future. SZABIST ISB has played that role in my career by providing me the necessary knowledge which is and will continue to be an integral part of my life. I am grateful to its faculty members that have encouraged and promoted individual competence and ideology, no matter how unorthodox it may seem to society. I am and always will be grateful to SZABIST and its faculty for their time and encouragement."

Muhammad Kamran Azhar Qureshi, [MSPM - 2015]
Project Manager
Haris Enterprises (Private) Limited, Islamabad

"I completed my MS in Project Management in 2015. There were many elements that persuaded me to consider a Masters at SZABIST. Foremost was the quality of teaching closely followed by the rising reputation of the institution itself as it was important to me that if I ever to consider obtaining a Masters, it has to be from a school of such academic stature. Besides, I had years of projects as well as human resource management experience and I was contemplating changing my career and become a researcher. This reasoning further crystallized once I heard about SZABIST and met a couple of its faculty members. Owing to their encouragement and consistent support thereafter, I realized that I could enhance my contribution to society by becoming a researcher and an educator. My ambition was not only to complete my degree successfully but also to make the best out of the time spent studying. Besides the degree, I was awarded Academic Gold Medal for best overall performance. The role of SZABIST was instrumental in developing my career both as a Project Manager and as a researcher in the area of human resource management. Thank you SZABIST ISB."

Sonia Emaan, [MSMS - 2013]
Director-Communication & Outreach
U.S.-Pakistan Center for Advanced Studies in Energy, NUST

"I am Director-Communication & Outreach working with National University of Sciences responsible for the complete media management, outreach campaign, communication plan, and project management aspects.I am also teaching as adjunct faculty at different institutions in professional programs. The platform provided by SZABIST did not only groomed me professionally but also gave me an insight of self relying and internalization of knowledge. SZABIST have made me learn how to search through the stringent paths and win through the teething troubles by marking the milestones and turning it into bigger achievements. "

Mehreen Jazil Malik, [BSMS - 2012]

"I was always fascinated by the media industry and SZABIST Islamabad provided me with the platform to pursue my ambition. After a rigorous admission procedure, I was officially selected as a student at the Media Department. Instantly I realized that this will prove to be a lifetime experience turning all my career dreams into a reality. Media Sciences department at SZABIST Islamabad is one of the finest in the country with a top-notch Alma Mater. Student facilitation in terms of the latest equipment and impeccable teacher-student experience makes it an exhilarating learning journey. From journalism to advertising and production, the variety in specializations gave me a chance to explore all the fields to the fullest. Graduating from SZABIST really molded me in to a better person and helped me in getting ready for my professional life."

Talha Anjum, [Talha anjum PMP-MPM 2015-1]

"I was always interested in Project Management. SZABIST was an easy choice because it has the best MPM program. I passed my PMP exam whilst I was a student of MPM. My core concepts were built by dint of this program and because of the dignified faculty at SZABIST. I did not take any training for PMP because I already had the best trainers in SZABIST. Thanks to the well structured MPM course which is in accordance to the PMI's PMBOK and eventually acquired PMP-Certification during my tenure."

Aamir Rehman, [BSCS] 2009
Associate Information Security Governance, Mobilink HQ Islamabad

"I was interested in ethical hacking from the start. The first think that attracted me to SZABIST was its excellent reputation in computer science. So Selected SZABIST for BSCS, The course was well-structured and relevant, the different methods of assessments ensured the course was purposeful, challenging, rewarding and stimulating, to prepare us for our future in every aspect. My decision to come to SZABIST was definitely the right one, studying at SZABIST provided me myriad of new experiences and has provided me with the tools necessary to face professional life."

Adeela Minhas, [MPM] 2011
EPMO Specialist, Telenor Pakistan

"SZABIST was the perfect choice to manage my job with studies because of its perfectly designed weekend program. It has provided me with the tools necessary to face professional life. The courses in my Masterís degree helped me in passing my PMP exam as well. The great team of visiting faculty had been a real source of success in completing my MPM degree."

Lieutenant Colonel Azim uddin, [MPM] 2011
Corps of Engineers, Pakistan Army

"I did my civil engineering in 1990 from N.E.D University of Engineering & Technology, Karachi. I thought and planned that whenever I got an opportunity to do my masters, I will do it from N.E.D University. In October 2009, I was posted at Rawalpindi and I got a chance to improve my qualifications. SZABIST, Islamabad during the same period announced their MPM spring 2010; I applied and got admission in MPM. After doing my masters from SZABIST, Islamabad my thinking is totally changed and now if I got an opportunity to do PhD, I would certainly do it from SZABIST, Islamabad, just because of its faculty!"

Sajjad Haider, [MSSS] 2010

"SZABIST shaped me from an ordinary learner to a scholastic student in just the first two semesters of MS-SS. It re-directed my thoughts and outlook in the way of Research. The multifarious faculty of SZABIST has enhanced my learning incomparably. It has shown me a new world-the world of Research, while inculcating the values of excellence in my life. Because of the high-caliber Faculty, I now have a valuable stock of knowledge, including but not limited to the tools of research, both quantitative and qualitative. The enchanting atmosphere of the Campus, the facilitating and cooperative staff, and the academically productive environment helped me in achieving my objective optimally and satisfactorily. I am thankful to my alma mater for such incredible training and experience"

Shahbaz Ali, [MPM] 2010
Project Manager, Bahria Town

"No doubt, SZABIST is one of the best places for knowledge and is the perfect choice for today's competitive and challenging world because of its highly qualified faculty members and dynamic administration. It's all by the grace of Almighty Allah and SZABIST that today I am honored with PMP certification and definitely being a Civil Engineer this PMP certification and MPM degree will help me in achievement for a dynamic position in Project Management, INSHALLAH"

Muhammad Ali Khan, [EMBA] 2010
Team Leader NOC Control Coordination & Network Change Management, Mobilink Islamabad

"I believe that the distinguished faculty, excellent infrastructure, facilities and the competitive course contents of the Executive MBA program at SZABIST, make this university ideally suited for Executives to sustain the motivation and drive needed for a bright career."

Akhtar M. Malik , [EMBA] 2010
Manager Operations, Mobilink Islamabad

"I have a privileged to study under some of the best teachers in this field"

Muhammad Irfan Ch., MPM 2010
PMP (Project Management Professional)

"I find myself fortunate enough to be a part of SZABIST, one of excellent business schools. This institution provides me quality of education compatible with the Internatinal universities in caring and friendly environment. I have passed the PMP exam just because of inspirational support and guidance of SZABIST faculty. It was a top-notch achievement I have ever gained. I am really grateful to this prestigious institute and committed teaching staff."

Qaiser Shaukat, [EMBA] 2010
Analyst IT Budgeting and Sourcing, Mobilink Islamabad

"SZABIST is one of the best executive business education schools in Pakistan. It has talented faculty dedicated to drive excellence and leadership through innovative teaching methodology. SO far it really helped in learning new skills and market trends and application of those practically in my field of work. There is still to learn and experience."

Shahbaz Ahmad Butt, [EMBA] 2010
TXN Support Expert, Mobilink Islamabad

"MBA was the degree for me. It combines my interest for business and finance with the options that the technical aspect opens up for me. What I like about the Faculty is the availability of resources (library especially), its student counseling, and the fantastic, diverse people you meet while studying. I would recommend the SZABIST to other students from my experiences, definitely. It combines a world class degree with everything else. Uni flies by faster than you can imagine so make the most of your time here."

Humayun Afridi, MPM 2009
PMP (Project Management Professional)

"Before joining SZABIST, I had hardly any knowledge of Project Management. The courses offered by SZABIST for Masters in Project Management helped me know and understand the knowledge areas & the Process groups of Project Management. The faculty provided by SZABIST was very professional and expert in their subjects. This encouraged me to go for PMP certification at the end of my last semester. The preparation of PMP exam was just a revision of my MPM course offered at SZABIST. By the Grace of Allah, I cleared the PMP exam. I thank all the faculty and my colleagues who helped me in my preparation for the course. My best wishes are with SZABIST."

Muhammad Omer Ijaz, MBA 2008
Manager Sales (Lahore), Arfeen Group

I must say SZABIST is the perfect choice for today's competitive and challenging world because of its highly qualified faculty members. It's all because of SZABIST that today I am managing three professional jobs at a time, to be the part of SZABIST was my dream.

Shazia Niazi , EMBA 2007
HR & Admin Executive, Petroleum Exploration (Pvt.) Ltd.

"I have found SZABIST a friendly, learning based institute with professionalism and it's dynamics at it's height. The great team of visiting faculty and administrative staff of the prestigious institute had been a real source of success in completing my first quarter of EMBA Fall 2007. One thing is certain that Management itself is a vast subject of business studies which unluckily we had not been able to explore much due to time constraints".

Muhammad Azeem, EMBA 2007
Business Analyst, BHP Billiton Petroleum

"When I was enrolled in the EMBA program I never thought it would be this exciting and challenging. Earlier I thought the program might be a normal certificate course but later I found out that it is more than just the certification. The course material and curriculum have been designed to cover not only the academic material but it greatly polishes the soft skills which are necessary in today's business environment".

Muhammad Salman Khan, MBA 2007
Own Business : "Allied Traders" in Bahawalpur

SZABIST is one of the country's most respected and innovative business schools of education. It has world class facilities and a talented faculty dedicated to excellence in teaching and leadership in research. The campus is an ideal place to study not too large and overwhelming but comfortable and friendly. It has been contributing the country by producing next generation businessmen.

Abdul Waheed , EMBA 2007

"SZABIST is one of the best places for knowledge and to whet the unseen qualities of an individual. Teachers at SZABIST are very experienced and professionals and they teach with their specialized approach and skills. I really enjoyed my studies under the supervision of highly qualified instructors here in EMBA program. EMBA program has given me strength to take initiatives in my professional career which also helped me to build confidence in my managers and management and it is the best chance for me to grow in my professional life".

Syed Usman Hussain Shah, [BBA/MBA] 2006
Project Support Executive, Telenor Pakistan

"One Place, 4 Years, Different People, New Environment, Quality Education, and lots of Learning/Grooming in all aspects...this is SZABIST".

Faisal Abbasi, BCS (Hons) - 2004, MBA - 2006
Branch Manager, NIB Bank Ltd , Murree Branch

"One may merely think of the excellent future of the students of this Alma mater, the great SZABIST. The people look towards the future but the SZABISTIANS have got the present as well".

Saira Raza Khan, MBA 2005
Senior Lecturer, Air University, Islamabad

"I feel I owe SZABIST a lot, since I believe SZABIST has helped me discover myself as an individual. Before having done MBA, I was not aware of my capabilities and how to make the best use of these. SZABIST has not only helped me in this self-discovery, but has also polished and enhanced my potential, so as to succeed in this highly competitive world. I still carry that belief of striving for excellence that SZABIST has instilled in me, and drives me to keep on doing better in life."

Farhan Banaras Khan, MBA 2005
HSE Specialist, Baker Hughes Inc, Houston Texas

The most incredible self discovering experience of my life is how I would describe the two years I spent at SZABIST Business School. SZABIST's challenging environment induces a passion and desire to succeed. The resources and relationships you may explorer; will provide many fond memories and an eagerness to attain an MBA.