SZABIST ISB Students visit to SOS Village Islamabad

The students of BBA & BS-AF (4), visited the SOS Village situated in H-11, Islamabad. The students were amazed to see the grandeur of what surrounded them. The beige building that housed children of different ages who came from all sorts of walks of life and setting, did not allow the cruelty of the world to mar their innocence or their belief in good. The SZABIST ISB students were guided to the ground where the children eagerly awaited their arrival. Smiling their brightest and widest smiles, the children of the SOS village were extremely welcoming. Every SZABIST ISB student picked a group of random children and spent the entire evening conducting various activities with them that included playing cricket, tag, football, riding on the swings and face painting. Everyone was enjoying themselves in the most pure and earnest of forms. It gave us a break from our monotonous routine and reminded us that there was so much more in life than the pity trivialities, we often find ourselves caught up in. Not only did visiting this institution prove to be extremely productive, but it also gave the children there and those who went a good breather and much needed change in setting.

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