Seminar on “Importance of International Humanitarian Law & Working of ICRC”

The Department of Social Sciences arranged a seminar under the supervision of faculty member Mr. Nawaz Ali at SZABIST Islamabad campus on 26-Mar-2015. The topic of the seminar was “Importance of International Humanitarian Law & Working of ICRC (International Committee for Red Cross) in Pakistan”. Along with the given topic, the guest speakers also presented a brief introduction of international humanitarian law, commonly known as IHL. It was basically sort of an awareness session which was very informative and fruit full for the students as well as the faculty members who attended the seminar.

The seminar formally started in the traditional way by the name of Almighty Allah. After recitation, Dr. Rashida Qureshi welcomed the distinguished guests in her remarks.

The speaker Mr. Naseem Yousaf presented a brief history of International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), its evolution and thoroughly explained the birth and working of PRCS with the help of images and a visual recording. Also informed the audience about the ongoing projects of the organization. The speaker Mr. Aezaz ur Rehman basically highlighted the main points of the International humanitarian law (IHL).

Students as well as faculty members asked questions which were briefly answered by one of the guest speakers. At the end, Commander® Khalid, CEO Shaheed Bhutto Foundation had the concluding remarks and presented the shields to the guest speakers as a token of appreciation on behalf of SZABIST. Mr. Aezaz presented shields to the faculty members of the university, on behalf of ICRC.

The main purpose of the seminar was, to aware the students about the history, evolution and working of ICRC and with reference to International Humanitarian Law (IHL). The session was enjoyed by a large number of students of the university from department of Social Sciences and other departments.

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