Participatory Session By Alexander Davey

The students of psychology accompanied by Ms. Sana Mukhtar from the department of social sciences participated in the session lead by Alexander Davey who has worked in leadership positions with various international relief and development organizations for 15 years and has been living and working overseas for most of the past 25 years.

The whole concept of the participatory discussion revolved around the socialization process of boys and girls. Itís not that we have to raise our sons like daughters in terms of their habits and idiosyncrasies; it is just to pay attention as how we can groom them effectively for the healthy community in future. It also depends on the role models they have in their lives. For instance, if boy sees his father behaving respectfully toward his mother and sisters, he will naturally pick on that and most likely to behave in the same way. On the contrary, if father will abuse mother, the result will be another abuser. Within same framework society needs to rethink about what value they associate with being men. Instead of raising sons to be violent, egoistic and competitive, itís the duty of all of us to teach them to be caring and protective toward others. In the same way, we teach these values to our daughters. Itís about telling the sons to behave in more empathic manner rather than authoritative all the time.

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