Knowledge Economy and New Age of Finance

The financial knowledge economy has become the main drive of socio-economic development taking precedence over traditional drivers of growth. In line with significance of knowledge economy aftermath of rapid change in financial landscape of World, Dr. Muhammad Naveed been invited by HEC Live Channel to deliver live Guest Talk on Financial Knowledge Economy and New Age of Finance. The influencing talk brings into focus following strands of discussion unleashing new age of finance and way forward to knowledge based economy;
  • Unleashing Pakistan Financial System
  • Financial Innovations
  • Financial & Investment Literacy
  • Promising Areas of Finance Career
  • Financial Knowledge Economy
  • Financial Digital Transformation
  • Contemporary Research in Finance
Dr. Muhammad Naveed is recognized as one of the World leading research expert on new age of Finance, Knowledge Economy and Research & Development. In purview of his research excellence and seminal contribution in body of knowledge of finance and sheer commitments to uplift knowledge economy, Dr. Muhammad Naveed had been honored as Guest Speaker and Scientific Finance Researcher in more than 30 Global Forums including OXFORD University, Stanford University, London School of Economics, University of Melbourne and Roma Tre University. The Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan loudly recognizes his contribution in the light of outstanding award winning research by World Renowned Universities and Research Institutions .