Faculty Profile

Dr. Taraq Waheed
Acting Head of Department (Social Sciences)
Program Manager MS (SS)

PhD - Political Sciences (Aligarh Muslim University)
Mr. Wajid Zulqarnain
Program Manager BMS

PhD-Mass Communication (Beaconhouse National University Lahore.)
Mr. Abdul Razzaq
Program Manager MS (DS)

PhD - Development Studies (University of Sindh)
Ms. Aliya Abdul Hayee
Program Manager BS (SS)

M.Phil-Psychology (Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad)

MS (Social Sciences)

Students are required to complete 6 courses, 2 Independent Studies (ISs), and a thesis, with a minimum of 30 credit hours. The break-up of 30 credit hours is as follows:
  • *2 Compulsory Courses
  • 2 Independent Studies (ISs)
  • 4 Electives
  • Thesis/2 additional courses instead of thesis


SS 5117 Advanced Research Methods and Techniques
SS 5207 Quantitative Tools for Decision Making
SS 5xxx Elective-I
SS 5xxx Elective-II

SS 5116 Econometrics
SS 5108 Independent Study-I
SS 5xxx Elective-III
SS 5xxx Elective-IV

SS 5208 Independent Study-II


SS 5xxx Thesis/2 additional courses instead of Thesis


SS 5326 Research Philosophy
SS 5223 Financial Time Series
SS 5227 Research Writing
SS 5104 Politics of Geo-Economics
SS 5111 Democratization as a Global Process
SS 5212 NGO Management
SS 5214 Public Policy Management
SS 5305 Political Economy of Pakistan
SS 5306 Sacred and Secular
SS 5311 Environmental Studies
SS 5312 Globalization and Developing Countries
SS 5313 Intellectual Property Rights and Laws
SS 5322 Topics of Political Economy
SS 5226 Issues in Pakistan's Political and Constitutional History
SS 5321 History of Ideas
SS 5228 Corporate Governance
SS 5206 Political Economy in the Global Perspective
SS 5402 Law and Human Rights

*AHMT for Social Sciences, and AHMT & QTE for Economics major students.