Faculty Profile

Dr. Muhammad Usman
Head of Department (Computer Science)
Program Manager PhD (Computing)

PhD-Computer & Information Sciences (Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand)
Dr. Azhar Mahmood
Program Manager MS - Data Science

PhD - Computer Applied Technology (Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan P.R China)
Dr. Muhammad Imran

Program Manager MS - CS

PhD - Information Technology (UTHM, Johor Malaysia)
Dr. Tazeen Athar

Program Manager BS - CS

PhD - Mathematics (University of Saarland, Saarbruecken, Germany)
Syed Muhammad Usman

Program Manager BS - SE

MS - Computer Engineering (College of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering NUST, Islamabad)

MS (Data Science)

Master of Data Science


CCDS xxx Tools and Techniques for Data Science
CDS xxx Statistical and Mathematical Methods for Data Science
CDS xxx Elective I

CDS xxx Machine Learning
CDS xxx Specialization-Elective-I
CDS xxx Specialization-Elective-II


CDS xxx Elective II
CDS xxx Thesis (Part-I)

CDS xxx Elective III
CDS xxx Thesis (Part-II)


CDS xxx Advance Computer Vision
CDS xxx Algorithmic Trading
CDS xxx Bayesian Data Analysis
CDS xxx Big Data Analytics
CDS xxx Bioinformatics
CDS xxx Cloud Computing
CDS xxx Computational Genomics
CDS xxx Data Visualization
CDS xxx Deep Learning
CDS xxx Deep Reinforcement Learning
CDS xxx Distributed Data Processing and Machine Learning
CDS xxx High Performance Computing
CDS xxx Inference & Representation
CDS xxx Natural Language Processing
CDS xxx Probabilistic Graphical Models
CDS xxx Scientific Computing in Finance
CDS xxx Social Network Analysis
CDS xxx Time series Analysis and Prediction
CDS xxx Graph Analytics for Big Data
CDS xxx Mining Massive Datasets
CDS xxx Introduction to Smart Cities and Smart Homes
CDS xxx Introduction to R for Data Science
CDS xxx Introduction to Python for Data Science
CDS xxx Implementing Predictive Analysis
CDS xxx Text Mining
CDS xxx Data Science in Cyber Security
CDS xxx Business Context Modelling
CDS xxx Advanced Topics in Decision Support Systems
CDS xxx Pattern Recognition