Student HandBook

Student Handbook

Student Handbook 2017

Academic Forms

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Acad-001: PhD Dissertation Proposal Form (1st Reg.) Acad-002: PhD Dissertation Proposal Form (Cont Reg.)

Acad-003-A: IS Proposal Form (Computer Sciences) Acad-003-B: IS Proposal Form (Management Sciences)
Acad-003-C: IS Proposal Form (Social Sciences) Acad-004: IS Approval Form
Acad-005: IS Meeting Record Form Acad-006: Dissertation Form Meeting Record
Acad-007(A) Thesis / Dissertation Form (MS/PhD) (First Registration) Management Sciences Acad-007(B): Thesis / Dissertation Form (MS/PhD) (Continuing Registration) Management Sciences
Acad-007(C) Thesis / Dissertation Form (MS/PhD) (First Registration) Computing Acad-007(D): Thesis / Dissertation Form (MS/PhD) (Continuing Registration) Computing
Acad-007(E) Thesis / Dissertation Form (MS/PhD) (First Registration) Social Sciences Acad-007(F): Thesis / Dissertation Form (MS/PhD) (Continuing Registration) Social Sciences
Acad-008: MS Thesis Meeting Record Form Acad-009: IS-1 Literature Review Template
Acad-010: Student Progress Report Form Acad-011: MS and PhD Studentís Progress Report

Acad-008: MBA Research Project Proposal Form Acad-009: MBA RP Meeting Record
Acad-010: MBA Thesis Meeting Record Acad-011: MBA Thesis Proposal Form (First Reg)
Acad-012: MBA Thesis Proposal Form (Continue) Acad-013: MBA Thesis RP Approval Form

Acad-014: BBA Thesis Meeting Record Acad-015: BBA Thesis Proposal Form
Acad-016: BS Media Thesis Meeting Record Acad-017: BS (MS) Thesis Proposal Form
Acad-018: Business Project Approval Form Acad-019: Business Project Proposal EMBA, MBA
Acad-020: Project & RR proposal BSCS Acad-021: Project Proposal MHRM
Acad-022: SS Research Project Proposal Form Acad-023: BSCS Project Submission Certificate
Acad-024: Reference Letter Request Form Acad-027: BS SS Meeting Record Form  

Acad-025: Course Registration Form Acad-026: Course Registration Form (Cross Disciplinary)
Acad-027: Section Change Form  

Exam Forms

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Exam-001: Special Exam Request Form Exam-002: Change of Grade Forms
Exam-003: Scrutiny Form for Final Exam Paper Exam-004: Comprehensive Exam Reg Form  (MBA/Bachelors)
Exam-005: Retake Exam Form Exam-006: Comprehensive Exam Reg Form  (Masters/PhD)

Library Forms

Lib-001: Library Membership Form  

Records Forms

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Rec-001: Clearance Form Rec-002: Duplicate Transcript and Degree Form
Rec-003: Provisional Transcript / Migration Letter Request Form Rec-004: Degree Completion Letter Form
Rec-005: Semester Freeze Form Rec-006: Security Deposit Refund (Left Over) Form
Rec-007: Graduate Directory Form Rec-008: Semester Unfreezing Form
Rec-009: Internship Waiver Rec-010: Degree Claim Form
Rec-011: Exit Interview Form  

Admissions Forms

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Admission-001: Change of Program Form Admission-002: Certificate Student Registration Form
Admission-003: Course Transfer Request Form Admission-004: Campus Transfer Form
Admission-005: Program Continuation Form Admission-006: Security Deposit Refund (Left Over Student)
Admission-007: Letter Request Form  

Administration Forms

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Admin-001: Car Park Sticker Request Form Admin-002: Special Request Form
Admin-003: Student Identity Card Form  

IT Forms

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IT-001: Project Submission Certificate IT-002: Software Copyright Form

EDC / Alumni Forms

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EDC-001: Internship Letter Request Form Alumni-001: Alumni Database Form
EDC-002: Employer Survey Form Alumni-002: Alumni Survey Form
EDC-003: Resume Format (For Computing) EDC-004: Resume Format (For Management & Social Sciences)
EDC-005: Resume Format (For Media) EDC-006: Internship Report Format(Management Sciences)
EDC-007: Internship Report Format(Media Sciences & Computer Science) EDC-008: Internee Evaluation Form (Corporate)

ERFA Forms

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ERFA-001: Pak USAID Merit and Needs based Scholarship Form ERFA-002: SZABIST Need Based Scholarship Form
ERFA-003: NTS Scholarship Form  

FM 106.6 Forms

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FM106.6-001: Television Studio Requisition Form FM106.6-002: Radio/FM Requisition Form
FM106.6-003: Radio Feedback Form (For Student) FM106.6-004: TV Studio Requisition Form

Research Report Proposal Forms BS (CS/SS/Media)

RP-001: Research Report Proposal Forms (BSCS) RP-002: Research Report Proposal Forms (BSSS)
RP-003: Research Report Proposal Forms (BMS)  

SZABIST Student Council (SSC)

SSC-001: SZABIST Student Council (SSC) Islamabad Constitution