Zab Fest 2k15

The event Zab Fest 2k15, was conceived in Fall of 2014. No time better suited the event than the spring season. After necessary protocols the most awaited event of SZABIST, Islamabad campus kicked off with an awesome opening ceremony by Prof. Dr. R. K. Malik on April 20th 2015.

ZabFest 2k15, Proved to be the biggest event in the history of SZABIST Islamabad covering 5 days of fun and sports activities. It was held between 20th 24th of April 2015, where more than 36 games (Indoor/Outdoor) games where introduced for the first time, 25 games of which were specifically announced for girls.

The students were really enthusiastic which were evident from the registration of 650 team in different sports and games. This number of teams is comparable with any Olympics at world level. The managing team of Zab Fest 2015, which was led by faculty Member Mr. Usman Kemal was amicably able to manage these many number of teams. The same is evident from the presence of crowd in all the events and none ill-discipline reports.

By the Grace of Allah, the Zab Fest 2015 management team had enough talent to not only manage all the teams but also arrange the umpires for each of 36 games. All the teams were told about the rules of the sports and games as per their registration through email, and before the match.

Badminton and Cricket were the sports which were arranged in CDA Badminton court and F-9 Cricket ground respectively. Rest of sports and games were arranged on the campus.

According to alumni who attended the event, the event was one of its kind and it never happened in the history of SZABIST, Islamabad campus. Moreover, the current students were thankful to Mr. Usman Kemal for being there to help arrange the same.

The final 5th day was dedicated for the colorful spring festival followed by Prize Distribution Ceremony and a Concert. The came to an end with the closing ceremony by giving awards to winners of the games by the head of campus and Mr. Usman Kemal (Student Advisor, SZABIST Islamabad) the man behind successful event praised the efforts of his team and volunteers who made this event happen and promised to bring more of such events for the students and staff of SZABIST Islamabad. After the closing ceremony, students enjoyed the concert where university and few underground singers sang beautiful songs.

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