Zab Extravaganza

On Monday morning, May 18, students of BBA-6 organized ‘Zab Extravaganza’, an event to test their developed marketing plans in real settings. The event was inaugurated by Dr. R K Malik, head of campus, attended by the faculty members, and majority of the students from different departments. Twelve new product and service ideas were commercialized on the event to make marketing management both relevant and rigorous in business studies curriculum.

‘Zab Extravaganza’ remained in the work for months. Before its final execution, students were briefed to apply the relevant theoretical concepts learned in ‘marketing management’ and ‘finance’ to develop a comprehensive marketing plan. Students were required to develop a new product or service idea as well as to give a brand identity to their potential market offerings. Besides, they were also advised to perform the SWOT analysis, forecast the demand, plan the budget, and project the revenues. Accordingly, this event not only gave students an opportunity to commercialize their developed marketing plans but also to make them understand the relevance of marketing by bridging the disciplinary silos. A true collaboration between different disciplines offers the best opportunities to ensure success in marketplace. Finance and marketing have typically been in separate worlds _ or even opposing camps_ but forecasting the expenses and revenues depends upon perspectives from these two worlds.

‘Zab Extravaganza’ was mainly aimed to bridge the disciplinary silos and to reinvent the marketing. Just as barriers exist among various functional areas within a firm, marketing is fairly cut off from other relevant disciplines at higher education institutes. The relevance of marketing is limited the more it is isolated from other disciplines. Zab Extravaganza, therefore, highlighted the fact that marketing can become more effective and more integral if business undergraduates focus on the important questions of practice. Marketing is too good to be the responsibility of the marketing department alone. Marketing, Finance, and R&D must work together to develop, commercialize, and market new products.

The event was endorsed using several multichannel techniques based on the concept of integrated marketing communication. Organizers promoted the event using outdoor and external advertising, mobile marketing, direct mail and e-mail marketing. The intention was to make students understand how to market the right message in the right place at the right time. The aim was also to give students a platform to interact with the customers, know the market offerings, and actually deliver value to the customers. Due to the efforts of the marketing team, the event also got coverage by Samaa TV and was also picked by local print media.

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