Spring Wall Graffiti; Department of Media Sciences

The SZABIST Media Science Department arranged an activity “Deewar-e-SZABIST” to add vibrant colors of spring to the walls of institute. Walls around the university which were just plain surrounding structures earlier were painted with SPRING theme to create a pleasant and colorful environment for the students, faculty and staff.

The students treated 3 panels like art canvases and embellished it with colorful graffiti. The project was formally inaugurated on 6th April, 2016 in the presence of Head of Campus Mr. Khusro Pervaiz Khan. Main theme of the painting was suggested by Head of Campus.

During the first phase of “Deewar-e-SZABIST”, walls were painted with white primer, the second phase was completion of the paintings, and third and most important phase was to put accomplished paintings on the social network as a competition to be judged by public and decide whichever panel is the best through their likes and comments. The competition is extended till 19th April 2016.

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