Seminar on Sales & Marketing

A seminar on the market dynamics of sales and marketing was organized by the department of management sciences for the students of MS (Management Sciences). In today’s challenging business environments, the businesses got to do such a stellar job for its customers that they return to its brands again and again – and become lifelong customers. Ali Babar the zonal sales manager for Colgate-Palmolive Pakistan and marketing expert from Ufone shared their experiences with the students on building an effective Sales and Marketing strategy.

Basically the strategy is a structured methodology for designing and reviewing your customer acquisition process. It stresses the idea that the only right way to build a sales and marketing process is to design it around your customers (customer-centric). Although this is obvious, it turns out to be radically different to the way most companies have designed their processes, which is based on what they want to happen (i.e. company-centric). Most of the time company-centric processes will not work as well as hoped, it will be because they failed to take into consideration the customer’s concerns and motivations.

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