Seminar on Motivation and Setting Personal Goals in Life

A seminar was organized for the students of BBA. The theme of the seminar was “Setting Personal Goals in Life”. The seminar was honored by guest speaker Mr. Raja Zia-ul-Haq a motivational speaker who has over 10 years of IT, Personal Management and Communications experience with the corporate and young generation of today.

The students were enlightened by the resource person about the importance of goal setting and were motivated on how to achieve them successfully. The powerful process of setting goals in life for thinking about their ideal future, and for motivating themselves to turn their vision into reality for future endeavors helps’ one choose where they want to go in life. By knowing precisely what one wants to achieve, one should know the issues, problems and opportunities that are posed by the world and where they need to concentrate their efforts on in achieving their personal goals.

Followed by Question / Answer session, the seminar was a very informative holistic approach for the students to learn the art of personal motivation and personal goal setting in life. Setting lifetime goals would help the students in understanding the overall perspective that shapes all the other aspects of their decision making in the future years ahead of their life.

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