Seminar on Financial Planning & Mutual Funds

The workshop was organized for BBA-6 Finance students who have previously studied about investments, risk and return, financial markets, investment portfolio etc. This workshop was primarily intended for raising awareness among students in their early 20s about saving and investment. The decisions they make about managing their savings and investments can have a long-term impact on their retirement paycheck. The guest speakers were Zulfiqar Ali (Senior Portfolio Manager at NBP Fullerton Asset Management Company) and Shahzaib Javaid (Head of Sales North at NBP Fullerton Asset Management Company).

Zulfiqar Ali briefed the students about savings and investments, financial markets, mutual funds, investor psychology and asset management companies. He discussed the importance of saving at an early age and the benefits of investing in bonds, stocks and mutual funds; in contrast to investing in real estate or start-ups. Students may enter their retirement years with a variety of savings and investment accounts they have created during their work life. Analyzing the lifestyle one wants in the future or retirement, along with the types of savings and investment accounts owned, can help an individual in identifying their investment options and estimated risk-return. The workshop guided the students about the fundamentals of financial management, investment options and how to utilize their financial assets in a manner that gives peace of mind for long-term financial security. The speakers also addressed the concerns of students regarding Ribaa and the ruling with regards to mutual funds from an Islamic perspective and the Shar'ia ruling on shares and bonds.

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