Plantation Activity

Global Warming is one of the potential threats that mother earth faces today, and plantation is one of the most powerful remedies that could possibly counter the impending doom.

When the doctor can pinpoint a disease, he can aptly prescribe a suitable medicine. The teachers, being the most embedded force in a society’s well-being, vow to purge the earth of all its impurities by not only promoting awareness on the hallmark issues that contaminate its environment but also directing the student-folk towards the practical work that could plausibly mend the perforated ozone layer.

The BBA students of SZABIST Islamabad as usual are actively involved in tree-plantation as part of their semester project, which apart from ingraining a sense of conscientiousness in them also focuses on training them on corporate social responsibility. The academia now more than ever realizes the need of creating an environment-friendly and a greener Pakistan, so here they go carrying the slogan: Ameliorate the Climate—Go Green Pakistan!

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