PMI-IPC 179th Monthly Seminar; What’s News in PMBOK 6 – A Comparative Analysis

PMI-IPC 179th monthly seminar was hosted by Faculty of Project Management and PMI. The seminar was organized on-campus for the students and faculty members associated with Project Management. Mr. Suhail Iqbal was the keynote speaker for the seminar, who is one of the most renowned figures in the field of project management-both locally and internally. He is one of the very few people in the world with all credentials from Project Management Institute, USA. The forum pertained to his contributions in standards development of Portfolio and Programme Management, PMBOK 4th & 5th Eds and as Quality/SME Lead for OPM3 2nd Ed and Core Member in 3rd Ed. Mr. Suhail’s talk significantly encapsulated the new developments in PMBOK 6.

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