Freshmen Orientation Fall 2015

SZABIST Islamabad conducted the Freshmen Orientation Session on September 5th, 2015 at Islamabad Hotel. The event was an official welcome to all the newly admitted students for Fall 2015. Parents and Guardians of Freshmen were also part of the proceedings. The chief guest for the Orientation was Prof. Fateh Muhammad Malik, the ex-rector of International Islamic University (Islamabad) and a renowned scholar of Urdu Language.

The proceedings encompassed a SZABISTís introductory video, followed by a presentation concerning the history, infrastructure, hierarchy, faculty introduction, rules & regulations and the expected behavior of SZABIANS. The Freshmen, later on, were handed over SZABISTís official Merchandize and necessary documents.

Message by the HOC

Dr. R K Malik (Head of the Campus) while addressing the freshmen, emphasized on the role of students as the next generation leaders and the importance of critical thinking as a student. She discouraged the idea of a Studentís reliance on stereotype; rather a studentís paradigm is defined by his/her own critical and analytical reasoning.

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