NBEAC –Visit to SZABIST Islamabad Campus for Accreditation

On September 27th, 28th and 29th, 2017 a three day visit was held at SZABIST, Islamabad Campus for the sole purpose of the accreditation of its renowned SZABIST Business School (SBS) Islamabad by NBEAC. The Peer review team (PRT) consisted of honorable members from the academia from prestigious universities, institute and colleges from across Pakistan.

The (PRT) Committee consisted of the following approved members by NBEAC:
  • Dr. Kamran Ali Chatha, Associate Professor, LUMS
  • Dr. Hamid Hassan, Professor & Dean, FAST_NU, Lahore
  • Dr. Nasir Karim, Dean, CECOS, Peshawar
  • Mr. Basharat Hameed, Assistant Professor, Institute of Management Sciences, Peshawar
  • Mr. Imtiaz Ali Rastgar, CEO, Rastgar & Co (Pvt) Ltd.
  • Ms. Sania Tufail, Program Manager, NBEAC Representative
The main highlights of the visit were:
  1. A tour of SZABIST, Islamabad Campus.
  2. Evaluation and scrutiny of the academic and support facilities including Academic Support Office (ASO), Examination Support Office, Finance Support Office, Records Support Office, Program Manager Support Offices, Faculty Halls, Library, Computers labs and Organizational Research Innovation Center (ORIC),
  3. Evaluation of academic procedures including, admissions, student enrollment, course registration, attendance, examination, student counseling and advising.
  4. Evaluation, discussion and feedback on NBEAC accreditation forms i.e., Strategic Management Plan, Curriculum, Students, Faculty, R&D, Social Responsibility, External linkages, Resources and admissions.
  5. NBEAC (PRT), Alumni’s and Employers’ dinner was organized by Executive Development Center (EDC) at SZABIST Islamabad.
The three day visit ended with the NBEAC (PRT)’s observations and feedback to SZABIST Business School Islamabad on the way forward for future improvements, VP Academics Dr. Altaf Mukati and HOD Management Sciences, Karachi participated in the feedback session through video conferencing followed by distribution of shields by the Honorable Head of Campus, Mr. Khusro Pervaiz Khan to the Honorable NBEAC peer review team (PRT).

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