Anti Harassment Awareness Session

Under Section 39 of the Sex Discrimination Ordinance, person-to-person harassment behavior between students is prohibited in an educational setting.

Keeping that in view, SZABIST Islamabad carefully designs and keenly conducts Anti-harassment Training sessions for the freshmen, maximizing their receptiveness to the topic, while addressing the needs, concerns, and considerations of the institution.

It is part of the orientation activities at SZABIST as the institution strongly believes in evolving the student-folk into academically sound and ethically strong individuals.

Entering into this seat of higher learning, the novice are the buds who need to be properly well informed regarding all set norms and religious and social implications regarding any sort of implicit or explicit behavior involving harassment.

Growing up in a high-context culture where open conversations on such social issues are not very common, most of the folk usually remain unaware especially on the implicit conduct that could be termed as harassment, be it sexual or any other type. It is pertinent to promote awareness in this area so they could neither be the victims nor the organizers of any such pranks or conduct termed as harassment. These training sessions also update the students on all social and legal implications in case of involvement in harassment of any kind.

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