Success Story - Dr. Muhammad Naveed, Guest Speaker at Oxford University, UK

SZABIST Success Stories features Dr. Muhammad Naveed, Associate Professor, Faculty of Management Sciences, SZABIST, Islamabad, who was invited by Oxford University as Conference Chair, Guest Speaker and Presenter at Global Research Conference which was held in University of Oxford, UK. Prior to PhD Dr. Muhammad Naveed had been working as Senior R&D Executive at Higher Education Commission Pakistan. Dr. Naveed's research contributions and commitment have been focused towards uplifting knowledge economy. Earlier he participated in more than 30 International Conferences and Forums as Presenter and Keynote Speaker. The conference was held on 13-15 August, 2018 and it comprised of research experts, academicians and industrialists from 25 countries who exchanged their seminal views and intellectual research discourse to strengthen the knowledge economy through action based research. The keynote speech was pertinent to ‘New Age of Finance’ to unleash the financial institutions to take financial innovations drives to comply with advanced financial modeling. Dr. Naveed's research work on “New Insights into Dividend Policy: A Customized and Dynamic Sectoral Analysis” lays the groundwork for Pakistan and US Non-Financial Sectors to develop Customized Dividend Models according to sectors’ nature and economic conditions which directly and indirectly influence the financial behavior of firms operating under different institutional settings across developing and developed economies. The study provides important insights about speed of adjustments to readjust the dividend behavior in line with target dividend. The study warrants the need to unleash the role of Board of Directors (BODs), Policy Makers and Chief Financial Officers to revisit the significance of customized dynamic dividend models according to distinctive nature of sectors and economic settings under different conditions. It was a great opportunity to represent Pakistan on this influential global research forum. The potential dialogues were exchanged to develop understanding on strategic collaborations with scientific researchers and knowledge partners in purview of knowledge and research exchange programs. Dr. Naveed extends special thanks to Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan and SZABIST for providing sheer opportunities to strive for new horizons of education and research and connect Pakistan with the rest of the world through Knowledge Economy. Well done Dr. Muhammad Naveed, SZABIST Islamabad wishes you all the best in your future research endeavors.