Certificate Programs

Certificate Courses

A student may apply for registration to certificate courses for credit / non-credit subject to availability of space. The candidate must not have previously applied for admission into any program at SZABIST or be dismissed from SZABIST.

Credit Courses

For credit courses, all rules and regulations as applicable to a regular registered student at SZABIST shall be applicable to the student. A letter grade will be assigned at the end of the semester. For registration into a credit course, the applicant must have completed the pre-requisite course requirement and interview by Committee. All certificate courses completed with a letter grade of B or above at SZABIST can be transferred into a regular degree program at SZABIST within one year. The regular admission procedure must be followed. The Admission Committee may waive the admission test requirements of exceptional students.

Non-Credit Courses

A candidate with a MS degree from SZABIST may be admitted into the Ph.D degree program with the approval of the Graduate Committee.
A candidate with a MA / MS / MBA / M.Phil (with minimum 5 years of formal university education) from a recognized university may apply for direct admission into the Ph.D program.
A candidate with a minimum 4 years relevant degree from a recognized university may also apply for direct admission into the Ph.D program through the MS route.
For acceptance into the Ph.D program, the applicant must pass the Admission Test/ Interview with the SZABIST Graduate Committee.
After acceptance into the Ph.D program, a Doctoral Committee consisting of the Major Advisor and two Committee Members will be constituted by the Ph.D Program Manager for the student. The Doctoral Committee, including the Major Advisor, can be changed by the Ph.D Program Manager at any time subject to their unavailability and other unforeseen events.

  • Acceptable NTS GAT (General) score is 50%
  • Acceptable GAT (Subject) score is 60%