Seminar on Career Management

The faculty of Project Management & Source Code collaboratively conducted a seminar on Career Management on 17th April 2016 for the students of SZABIST under its “Mentorship Program”. The CEO of Source Code “Mr.Sahil Adeem” personally addressed the core issue of the community faced by every student from time to time, how to manage a career and how to choose the suitable career for one’s self.

He counseled the students to assess their personal profiles, competencies they have, suitable career for them and create an objectively defined career pathway. Not just run after every another job.

First, asses your personal profile, make your resume according to your own profile and then apply for the suitable most job. Never follow the herd to just conform to their rules and mindset.

The instant feedback and involvement of the students was amazing and it showed that students need serious counseling for career management. Not only counseling but sessions like this to help them to identify their personal problems, causes of their bad careers, and how to redefine their careers. It’s never too late to reshape your career.

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