BS Computing Students Shine at The News Education Expo 2015

Students from the First Semester of BS Computing Program at SZABIST Islamabad, demonstrated their Electronics Projects at The News Education Expo 2015.

VP Administration & Finance, SZABIST Ms. Nasreen Haque and Head of Campus, SZABIST Islamabad Dr. R. K. Malik encouraged the efforts put in by the students for representing SZABIST at the event.

Visitors to the stall of SZABIST Islamabad, including students and their parents, appreciated the high standards of education which the Institution imparts on its students, which enable them to achieve in under six months, what students from other institutions take over two years to learn and implement.

The teams which included Abdul Wahab & Nameer ul Haq Qureshi, Ghazan Khan, Shakil Ahmad Khan & Zuhaib Hassan and others, displayed their projects completed under the supervision of Mr. Naveed Alam in the state of the art Telecomm & Digital Lab at SZABIST Islamabad. The projects included Home Electrical System controlled through Mobile phones, Obstacle Avoiding Vehicles and Collision Prevention System for Vehicles along with line following robots which are mostly available for industries.

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