SZABIST Business School

Faculty Profile

Dr. Muhammad Asif Khan
Head of Department (Management Sciences)
Program Manager MS (MS)

PhD HRM (National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad)
Dr. Mehboob Ahmad
Program Manager PhD (MS)

PhD-Economics (Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan)
Dr. Fuwad Bashir Awan
Program Manager BBA (4th Year) / MBA-Day (36CH)
PhD Management Sciences (Capital University of Science & Technology)
Mr. Amer Riaz Qureshi
Program Manager MSPM

MS - Industrial Engineering (University of Southern California, USA)
Mr. Atif Bilal
Program Manager BBS, PMBA, EMBA, MHRM

MS HRM (Superior University Lahore)
Dr. Shahid Bashir
Program Manager MBA-Evening(36, 72 & 90)

PhD (Marketing) Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Mr. Zeeshan Hamid
Program Manager BSAF

MS-Finance (Air University, Islamabad)
Ms. Shumaila Zeb
Program Manager BBA (1st, 2nd & 3rd Year)

MPhil-Finance (NUST, Islamabad)

Bachelor of Business Studies


BST 1101 Business Management and Ethics
BST 1102 Computer Orientation & Packages
BST 1103 English Writing Skills
BST 1104 Financial Accounting
BST 1105 Microeconomics
BST 1106 Personal Management

BST 1201 Business Communication
BST 1202 Cost Accounting
BST 1203 Introduction to Business Finance
BST 1204 Macroeconomics
BST 1205 Marketing Principles
BST 1206 Statistics and Mathematics for Business


BST 2301 Business Research Methods
BST 2302 Financial Management
BST 2303 Human Resource Management
BST 2304 Management Information Systems
BST 2305 Marketing Management
BST 2306 Statistical Inference

BST 2401 Law and Taxation
BST 2409 Research Project (6 credit hours)
BST 2xxx Elective-I
BST 2xxx Elective-II
BST 2xxx Elective-III


BST 2xxx Organizational Behavior
BST 2xxx Project Management
BST 2xxx Consumer Behavior
BST 2xxx Entrepreneurship
BST 2xxx Supply Chain Management
BST 2xxx Retail Management
BST 2xxx Financial Markets and Institutions
BST 2xxx Service Marketing
BST 2xxx Operations Management
BST 2xxx Marketing Research
BST 2xxx Dynamics of Banking
BST 2xxx Salary and Compensation
BST 2xxx Training and Development
BST 2xxx Performance Appraisal
BST 2xxx Recruitment and Selection