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Admissions deadline extended up to 20th January, 2017

On-line Admission Test
Jan 4-7, 2017
Jan 12-16, 2017
Last Date of Fee Submission
Jan. 25, 2017
Commencement of Classes
Jan 30, 2017 (Regular)
Feb 3-4, 2017 (Weekend)

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"I was always fascinated by the media industry and SZABIST Islamabad provided me with the platform to pursue my ambition. After a rigorous admission procedure, I was officially selected as a student at the Media Department. Instantly I realized that this will prove to be a lifetime experience turning all my career dreams into a reality. Media Sciences department at SZABIST Islamabad is one of the finest in the country with a top-notch Alma Mater. Student facilitation in terms of the latest equipment and impeccable teacher-student experience makes it an exhilarating learning journey. From journalism to advertising and production, the variety in specializations gave me a chance to explore all the fields to the fullest. Graduating from SZABIST really molded me in to a better person and helped me in getting ready for my professional life."

Mehreen Jazil Malik [BSMS]

"After BBA I decided to join the research field due to its growing scope in Pakistan. In future, I plan to pursue a doctorate in management and work in the academic sector as a university professor. When it came to selecting a university for MS, my teachers recommended SZABIST. It is one of the leading universities in the field of management. So I decided to join MS in project management. They have top quality research facilities and the best faculty. My friends studying at SZABIST greatly encouraged me to join in. I will be graduating this year, and so far my experience has confirmed all that I expected from the program. "

Nida Ansari [MS-PM]

"I was interested in ethical hacking from the start. The first think that attracted me to SZABIST was its excellent reputation in computer science. So Selected SZABIST for BSCS, The course was well-structured and relevant, the different methods of assessments ensured the course was purposeful, challenging, rewarding and stimulating, to prepare us for our future in every aspect. My decision to come to SZABIST was definitely the right one, studying at SZABIST provided me myriad of new experiences and has provided me with the tools necessary to face professional life."

Aamir Rehman, [BSCS]

"SZABIST was the perfect choice to manage my job with studies because of its perfectly designed weekend program. It has provided me with the tools necessary to face professional life. The courses in my Master's degree helped me in passing my PMP exam as well. The great team of visiting faculty had been a real source of success in completing my MPM degree."

Adeela Minhas, [MPM]

"MBA was the degree for me. It combines my interest for business and finance with the options that the technical aspect opens up for me. What I like about the Faculty is the availability of resources (library especially), its student counseling, and the fantastic, diverse people you meet while studying. I would recommend the SZABIST to other students from my experiences, definitely. It combines a world class degree with everything else. Uni flies by faster than you can imagine so make the most of your time here."

Shahbaz Ahmad Butt, [EMBA]

"I am Director-Communication & Outreach working with National University of Sciences responsible for the complete media management, outreach campaign, communication plan, and project management aspects.I am also teaching as adjunct faculty at different institutions in professional programs. The platform provided by SZABIST did not only groomed me professionally but also gave me an insight of self relying and internalization of knowledge. SZABIST have made me learn how to search through the stringent paths and win through the teething troubles by marking the milestones and turning it into bigger achievements."

Sonia Emaan [MSMS]